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Here is a Wall Street analyst's take on the wave of tax cut/wage hike PR from #retailers: "Now retailers are going through round 2 of wage investment, under the cover of tax cut reinvestments, but the reality is market forces would have required it regardless." $WMT $TJX $DGD
"Several photos look like the jacket has become sentient and is using the model's unknowing body to pass as human, as it stalks through the streets of New York, looking for prey." Happy Retail Therapy day via @CaraSalpini 
As we pointed out last fall, @ToysRUs also never made any big strategic changes to get better. (The $400M a year in interest payments might help explain some of that, but not all) 
Pretty succinct summary from @EMI_TimB on what went wrong at @ToysRUs: "Spread thin across too many countries, with too many stores and too much debt" 
Multiple vendor groups are forming to buy up @bonton, or least parts of it. And the bondholders who want to liquidate $BONT are also planning to bid. Whether the company goes on or shutters could be decided in coming weeks.  #bankruptcy
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