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This old scene from Dune seems strangely prescient now! — I was just flicking through Frank Herbert's classic masterpiece and the climactic fight scene seems to be more relevant than ever. Surprised no-one else noticed this!

Alt Right conspiracy image generator — I made a generator to provide images from Twitter after The Fourth Debate. It picks random frames from TV footage and draws conspiracies on them. Reload the page for another set!

Donald Trump's still running, but the campaign's over — Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes isn't talking to presidential candidate and alleged friend Donald Trump. National Political Director Jim Murphy quit. Trump's Campaign CEO, Kellyanne Conway, is reduced to sighing quips on Twitter. Trump himself might still be running, but his campaign seems all but over.

Samsung issuing copyright claims to remove videos mocking its exploding phones — YouTube users who post videos mocking Samsung's recently-recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone report they get removed because of copyright claims by Samsung. The claims center on a popular add-on to the game Grand Theft Auto V, which lets players fool around with the hot handsets and use them as as grenades.

Popular misspellings of "pregnant" in discussions of pregnancy on Yahoo! Answers — J.T. Sexkik offers a " glimpse into the wonderful world of Yahoo! Answers." It would be inappropriate not to add the original: Hot take: Yahoo Answers remains of the last places on the web where young women can talk candidly about their sex lives in relatively safety, and it's probably going to be gone soon.

Party comes to an abrupt end — Some partygoers were looking forward to their evening treats, but sadly it was not to be. (Insert Samsung Galaxy joke here...) [via]

Charity roast trainwreck: Donald Trump booed at Catholic dinner — At the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation white-tie event in New York last night, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sat within groping distance of one another-and delivered speeches for a largely-Catholic audience. A traditional and restrained roasting of oneself and one's opponent, the dinner speeches mark the final public event where the two will tangle before election day.

Major U.S. websites inaccessible in "cyber attack" on domain name system — Much of the web struggled to stay on its feet today, with outages bringing down U.S.-based services and sites such as Amazon, Twitter and Netflix. A massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on Dyn DNS is reportedly the cause: as a popular provider of domain-name lookup services, it falling over means that browsers simply don't know where to find websites.

Nintendo announces new hybrid portable game console — Nintendo's Switch is a touchscreen tablet with removable physical controls that turn it into a traditional handheld game console. It comes with a chunky dock to hook it up to a TV set for high-definition couch action; also announced is a traditional wireless gamepad to match the squared-off dark gray design.

The tiniest touchscreen "phone" of them all — VPhone is a wee "phone", surely the most wee of them all. It has a 1.54-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, FM radio, pedometer, 128MB (megabytes!) of storage, a heart rate monitor, some social network-monitoring apps, and a choice of "simple and stylish" black or silver trim.
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Huh this old scene from Dune seems strangely prescient now!

Oct 23, 2016

RT @computerfact: if you get enough little computers working together they can beat up a big computer

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