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Beautiful wooden shell thingy is also a classic arcade cabinet — 8Bitdo's prototype Desktop Arcade Joy Stick is a) an entire retrogame cabinet, complete with controls, display and guts, b) excellently crafted from wood, c) a surprisingly beautiful re-contextualizing of the experience of play.

Replica cases for classic console cartridges — Retro Game Cases sells at least superficially-accurate replicas of the cases that old games came in: perfect for game hunters who've nabbed a cartridge from a crate and want it to take pride of place in their collection.

Sword-wielding robber finds that store clerk also has sword — En garde! A Pittsburgh man armed with a sword tried to rob a store only to find that the clerk was armed likewise. Sadly, onlookers were denied the ultimate grocery-store swordfight, as the assailant fled after taking a look at the lethal scimitar.

Artist who denied authenticity of painting wins in court — Artist Peter Doig, accused of damaging the value of a painting simply by denying that he was its creator, prevailed in court this week. U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman found that there no evidence that Doig created the work, but plenty that it was by someone else: one Peter Doige, with an "e".

Sony tries, fails to scrub Playstation 4 Slim photos off the net — When pictures of the forthcoming sleeker PlayStation 4 "Slim" showed up on Twitter and NeoGAF, no-one knew if they were the real deal. But when Sony started making noise and having the images disappeared from Facebook, everyone knew they were the real deal.

Seal leaps onto boat to escape orcas

BBC picks greatest films of the 21st century — "We believe that the new classics on this list are destined to become old classics," writes the BBC. "Whether or not that happens is ultimately up to you, the moviegoers. But one thing is certain: cinema isn't dying, it's evolving." The list of 100 movies (with change) was made in consultation with more 177 film critics from across the globe.

"Translucent" statues haunt British forest — Created by Rob Mulholland, the photon fairies await your presence in the wilds of Scotland. Just remember: if it bleeds, you can kill it-but these don't bleed. [via r/creepy]

Trump cancels campaign events: is he sick or is he sad? — Amid continued weak polling, millionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump has canceled forthcoming rallies and events in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. He'll still be attending fundraisers, reports Eliza Collins. Trump was originally scheduled to make a speech on immigration in Denver on Thursday, but according to The Denver Post the speech has been postponed.

Amusing drunk caught on police bodycam wants footage off the net — In this footage, Sgt. Eric Kannberg deals calmly with a belligerent drunk, Cory Counts, using de-escalation techniques even after Counts gets physical. After Kannberg gets a push from Counts and it comes time to haul him to the drunk tank, Kannberg decides not to pursue through a crowd, instead stalking him at a distance until a safe opportunity presents itself.
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Aug 24, 2016

@chancerubbage though TBH I think it might be simpler and easier just to fake the whole thing with wild grading

Aug 24, 2016

@chancerubbage I think the trick is to shoot full spectrum but shift IR range to brightness (things look spooky white) or a pretty color

Aug 24, 2016

@railmeat I mean Voyager. Apollo was reaching from the deckchair to get a beer from the cooler. We're dreaming of progress! Let's hope!

Aug 24, 2016

@railmeat we can't even get to the water's edge! we've thrown one stone into the water and can't even agree if it got there yet

Aug 24, 2016

If they remake Wolfen this is the infra-red photography technique they should use for wolfsight

Aug 24, 2016

♩ ♫ to the stars fly our hearts... ...but only if we're on the right drugs ♪ ♫

Aug 24, 2016

@DrNeilTyson Ah, like an inverse square thing? 3x closer but 9x more powerful signals?

Aug 24, 2016

Hate to be a downer but 4.3 light years ain't any easier than 11 light years. Like swimming to Hawaii instead of Tahiti, and you can't swim.

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