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Attempted python selfie goes awry — A man attempting to take a selfie with a python was bitten by the python, reports the Reuters news agency. "It attacked me," said the victim, one of a group of people manhandling the massive snake in hopes of getting a photo with it.

Trump campaign chief: it's not lying if he didn't know whether it was true or not when he said it — Donald Trump said Lester Holt, tonight's debate moderator, was a Democrat. Holt is in fact a Republican. Leaving aside why Trump assumed he was a Democrat, when called on this mistake, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway gave this response: Trump 'didn't lie' about Lester Holt, 'a lie would mean that he knew the man's party registration' In other words, it's not a lie if you don't know whether it's true or not when you say it.

Australian state bans bare butts — The Australian state of Victoria, scandalized by the sight of bare buttocks, has banned the practice of displaying them. No buts! First-time offenders face up to two months in jail while repeat offenders could spend six months behind bars. The amendment was one of more than 50 crimes included in an overhaul of sexual offence laws.

The optical illusion that's momentarily intriguing the internet — presents a simple "isometric" field of cubes, Q*Bert-style. Click and drag across it and the cubes will rise and fall in series of waves. They also start to flash wild colors... or do they? Yes, they do! (Nonetheless, I could sit here all day playing with it) [ Previously.]

Wasp nest found in attic — As seen in this photo, taken by Pest Professionals of Northampton, England, there was a wasp nest in the attic of house in Pipewell. Pest controller Gary Wilkinson, of Northamptonshire pest controllers Pest Professionals, who found the nest, said: "It's an impressive wasp nest alright - much bigger than a barrel.

Evil clown arrested — Everyone thought it was some kind of mass kid-hysteria inspired by marketing for the new version of Stephen King's IT, but guess what! There was an evil clown after all! Kentucky police have arrested a man dressed as a clown lurking in a wooded area amid a wave of clown reports in at least six US states.

Glenn Reynolds apologizes for saying drivers surrounded during street protest should "Run Them Down" — Glenn Reynolds, blogger, USA Today contributor and law professor, had an answer for drivers who found themselves surrounded during protests in Charlotte over the police killing of a black person: "Run Them Down."

Ted Cruz to endorse Donald Trump, whom he earlier called an utterly amoral bully, narcissist and pathological liar — A FEW WEEKS AGO: "I'm going to do something I haven't done the entire campaign. I'm going to tell you what I really think of Donald Trump. This man is a pathological liar. He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth.

Will $120m video game Star Citizen ever be ready to launch? — Star Citizen is an epic game development project, crowdfunded to the tune of $124m (million!) and directed by industry legend Chris Roberts. But whether it'll end up an epic game remains unclear, as endless feature creep, ambition and internal rancor see the project enter its fifth year.

Why I'm Voting For Gary Johnson And Why You Should Too — Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson makes his case for why he should be included in the forthcoming debates with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican millionaire Donald Tru...
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Sep 26, 2016

Struck by how LIberal Hillary's platform is. Wouldn't it be something if they voted against their dreams because it had their mother's face.

Sep 25, 2016

@samfbiddle I know it's funny but he did this after spending years trying to be a public intellectual. It's genuinely bathetic

Sep 25, 2016

techie blogger journo types: would you realize this guy was just a domain squatter by reading his self-pitch? 

Sep 25, 2016

Re: "Google yourname the hedgehog." The fan Rob The Hedgehog finally outranks the canon one. Going to stop monitoring it now.

Sep 25, 2016

@laura_june Straight up the dumbest tabloid story I've read in years

Sep 25, 2016

I wonder how long it'll take them to realize the smaller lectern is Hillary's, not Trump's, BECAUSE she's shorter. 

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