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Review: 'Miss Peregrine' winningly embraces the weird — The kids are all right, especially the weird ones, in the company of Tim Burton. Based on the popular young-adult novel by Ransom Riggs, the winningly quirky fantasy adventure Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (***½ out of four; rated PG-13; in theaters nationwide Friday) acts like a greatest-hits collection for the iconic director in the way it flaunts oddball grown-ups, shows normal kids thrust into the nuttiest situations and makes the strange oh-so-cool.

Review: 'Luke Cage' is Marvel's best TV series — Harlem's got a new superhero, and he's the baddest man on the block. Netflix's Luke Cage (Friday, ***1/2 out of four) brings together what Marvel does best, in both its movie slate and its streaming series: Mike Colter's good guy could probably hold his own against the Hulk, and he also has the emotional depth of Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

Exclusive: See Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie in 'Winnie-the-Pooh' author biopic

'Miss Peregrine' is the right kind of peculiar for Tim Burton — The script featured a girl with a maw of sharp teeth in the back of her head, a boy with bees living in him, an invisible kid and a headmistress who could turn into a falcon. Sounds totally like a Tim Burton movie, right?

Review: 'Deepwater Horizon' is a beautiful disaster — Deepwater Horizon makes the emergency landing of Sully look like a fun afternoon on a merry-go-round. The disaster film (*** out of four; rated PG-13; in theaters nationwide Friday), which revisits the harrowing 2010 oil-rig explosion and spill in the Gulf of Mexico, is a fiery mix of white-knuckle tension, searing chaos and visceral drama.

Q&A: Lee Majors loves life as 'Evil Dead' dad — The creators of Ash vs. Evil Dead wait all of 34 seconds after new guest star Lee Majors appears before the inevitable Six Million Dollar Man references start flying. Besides the Bigfoot jokes and a "better, stronger, faster" riff, Majors promises "a bloody good time" in the second-season premiere of the Starz horror comedy (Sunday, 8 ET/PT).

Is Hollywood in a state of reboot overload? — With so many remakes hitting movie screens these days, something is probably being rebooted in Hollywood right this second. But is that a good thing? Redos have become de rigueur in recent years, not only as a way to make bucks off an old property, but also to potentially jumpstart a franchise.

'Luke Cage': A new superhero is bold and bulletproof — BROOKLYN, N.Y. - TV's newest superhero has bulletproof skin and super-strength, but right now he's getting tossed into a wall, with shards flying from a crushed mirror. It's getting messy on the set of Luke Cage, Netflix's latest Marvel series, which streams its 13-episode first season Friday.

Review: Great cast rules 'Queen of Katwe' — It deals in a world of pawns rather than punches but Queen of Katwe is just as uplifting and feel-good a sports drama as any Rocky movie. Directed by Mira Nair ( Monsoon Wedding), the film (*** out of four; rated PG; in 17 cities Friday, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Atlanta and New Orleans; expands nationwide Sept.

Review: Western redo falls short of 'Magnificent' — The Magnificent Seven is like a long-fused stick of dynamite: It takes forever to get interesting but does at least unleash an explosive finale.
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Sep 30, 2016

RT @mattsinger: Raptorz with Lazerz > Raptors with guns > Raptors on Segways > Raptors with broadswords > Raptors with crude utensi…

Sep 30, 2016

@devincf @mattsinger My mom harangued me for most of college about getting my ear pierced.

Sep 30, 2016

@geektrooper @swankmotron That set was one of the few things I got. Just because it was like mini svelte Wampa.

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