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'Dads Are Not Incompetent, Bumbling Fools,' Say Dads While Everyone Rolls Their Eyes Like 'Okay, Dad' — Just in time for Father's Day, has published a groundbreaking exposé declaring that not all dads are the blundering, inept morons they are portrayed to be on comedy programs and in television commercials.

No-Talent Hack Cat Fired from Broadway for Sucking — New York. The Big Apple. A universe dotted with thousands of stars. And millions more who burned out before they ever got a chance to shine. Earlier this week a dumb, no-talent cat was fired from a Broadway adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany's after it was discovered he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag.

We Gave Canada One Job: 'Don't Lose All the Maple Syrup.' And They Couldn't Do It. — Welp, Canada fucked up again. Remember like forty years ago when the world was choosing which nations would be responsible for which exports (United States: popstars, Sweden: frustrating-yet-affordable furniture, China: all goods), and it was decided that "maple syrup" seemed like the kind of thing Canada could handle?

Kate Middleton Just Gave Birth to a Baby Boy — Hordes of sleepy Australian cameramen and rumpled Russian news anchors will have a great orgy in the streets of London tonight, for the Duchess of Cambridge has finally given birth to the Cookie Monster that has been growing inside her like a parasite for the better part of a year: a healthy baby boy.

The Sunday Long Read (with Taffy Brodesser-Akner) — EDITORS' NOTE: Welcome! This week, one of our most recommended writers, Taffy Brodesser-Akner, takes her turn at the wheel. Taffy is a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and GQ, though she has also written for The Wall Street Journal, ESPN The Magazine, Fast Company, The Hollywood Reporter, Cosmopolitan, Salon, and pretty much every other outlet of note.

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Dirt on Matt Damon: "It's More of a Pure Evil — The late night host sets the record straight on America's nightmare next door For over a decade, the entertainment world has been ripped apart by the ongoing feud between Hollywood golden boy, comedic powerhouse, Emmy award-winning bright-eyed starlet Jimmy Kimmel and the actor Matt Damon.

Stop Reading This Sentence and Just Watch Bob Dylan's Incredible Video — You can watch the most amazing music video you will see all year here, on Bob Dylan's official website. That's really all you need to know. We could tell you that epic angel Bob Dylan completely owned Kanye West on Tuesday by releasing the most incredible video of the year (for a song that is almost half a century old) online the same day West produced a small lump of cold garbage on Ellen.

What Would Donald Trump’s America Look Like? — A journey through the very luxurious America that Trump already runs. Caity Weaver explores one part of this beautiful republic that Donald Trump has made great again: His portfolio of exclusive real estate properties. Many of the properties that bear Donald Trump's name are not owned by him.

Your Ugly Forever 21 Clothes Also Make Ugly Seat Covers for Your Car — Have you ever sat in a car and thought "I wish this were my clothes?" Why not drive that car to the nearest Forever 21 and make your dream a reality and then die knowing you have achieved your dream-something many people never do?

The Sunday Long Read (with Albert Samaha) — EDITORS' NOTE: Good morning! For the first time, our newsletter is in the very capable hands of a guest editor: Reyhan Harmanci, the editor-in-chief of Atlas Obscura and an SLR contributing editor.
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Aug 24, 2016

@amalah If this is true please email me the dooooooc! I am also mah preshus. caity weaver@gmail! (If this is NOT true, pls do it & email me)

Aug 24, 2016

@zachbaron "I'd actually like to speak to the manager."

Aug 24, 2016

@zachbaron Meanwhile Sasha's just trying to get through her days working at a fish restaurant with a $10 credit card minimum #prayforsasha

Aug 22, 2016

@dhere @max_read Also love that Gawker's 4eva-changing CMS means that no post written before last year reads as it originally did. "[jump]"

Aug 22, 2016

@dhere @max_read This is the post I talk to Rich about the most. "I get kinda HECTIC inside." Only time I've heard that word used that way!

Aug 22, 2016

@max_read This is the only Gawker Media post I ever truly enjoyed that wasn't one of Lawson's recaps OR on Kinja Deals

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