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@mexicanfoodfrea @prs_tweeting @Nate_Cohn well yeah but there was no leverage. R's really don't want DACA fix, but also don'tcare if govt is open, dont care about passing CHIP. so why would they give in?
@DanielBerman2 @earlmanwich @Nate_Cohn it may be a tough sell, but it's much easier than it is now -- when Dems had to defend not getting CHIP, in exchange for some kind of DACA fix.
@ThePlumLineGS Plus, they know if they “fail” it’s ultimately on Trump to deport people or repeat Obama’s role - so caving now kind of flips the pressure
@ThePlumLineGS It’s a cave by the Democrats, predictable as they don’t have public support to even try and leverage their supposed big issue.
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