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Teaching Robots Ethics Through Storytelling

gpbnews.org — As technology increasingly comes into contact with humans, a group of scientists are working to make sure those interactions remain safe. Mark Riedl is an Associate Professor in the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing and director of the Entertainment Intelligence Lab. His lab uses storytelling to teach robots right from wrong.

Actress Issa Rae On Being Authentically Black

gpbnews.org — Actress Issa Rae got the attention of many audiences in 2011 with her popular web series, "The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl." Five years later, her latest project is an HBO series called " Insecure." Rae will be in Atlanta on Friday night for a screening of the series before it debuts next month.

Women Behind Bars

gpbnews.org — A new report by the Vera Institute of Justice found the number of women in local jails is almost 14 times what it was in the 1970s, making it the fastest growing incarcerated population in the country. We examine what's driving this trend and the challenges women face behind bars.

Black Athletes Defy Jim Crow, Hitler In 1936 Olympics

gpbnews.org — The documentary " Olympic Pride, American Prejudice" tells the story of 18 athletes who represented the United States at the 1936 Olympic Games. Among the athletes were two Georgians. They defied Jim Crow and Nazi Germany to compete in the games, which took place in Berlin.

Atlanta's Underground Edibles; Cooking With Marijuana

gpbnews.org — In a few states, it's legal to make and sell edibles laced with marijuana, but not in Georgia. Recreational marijuana is illegal in Georgia. but that's not

Why Atlanta Is The Viral Dance Capital

gpbnews.org — You can see dances like " The Dougie" and the " Nae Nae" in Youtube videos from all over the world. But many of these moves have their roots in hip-hop in the South. We look at the intersection of hip hop and dance and why one writer thinks Atlanta is the Capital of Viral Dance.

Should Children Be Tasered?

gpbnews.org — The Huffington Post recently tracked media reports of K-12 students who were tasered or shot with a stun gun by a school police officer. In the last five

Georgia Playlist: Speakerfoxxx

gpbnews.org — Atlanta producer and DJ Christen Nilan, also known as Speakerfoxxx, adds two more songs to our Georgia Playlist. She's the host of the radio program "Cruisin' in the ATL," and part of a re-launch of Red Bull Music Academy Radio. RBMA Radio is taking place at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta this week with lectures, workshops, and live broadcasts.

Minority Voters Want More Representation In Gwinnett

gpbnews.org — Gwinnett County is the most diverse county in the Southeast, but the area is represented almost entirely by white officials. And now, a lawsuit by a coalition of voting rights groups alleges that minority votes are being weakened by unfair district lines.

Kennesaw State University Opens Temporary Housing Facility For Homeless Students

gpbnews.org — Each year, over fifty thousand college students struggle to attend classes while coping with homelessness. Last week, Kennesaw State University unveiled a first-of-its-kind housing facility for its homeless students. We speak with Marcy Stidum, director of the university's CARE Center, about the facility and the growing issue of homelessness in higher education.
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Aug 30, 2016

Unless there's money at stake & you're makng the decision, keep your opinions out of other people's ethnic identity!  http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/rodney-harrison-colin-kaepernick-not-black/172krqv16ji66153ho89cy75i5 

Aug 30, 2016

RT @KalebaPlz: @OSTtalk @CelesteHeadlee and team are showing everyone how to do journalism correctly this morning! #votingrights

Aug 30, 2016

RT @AyyEllCee: .@beckerdavidj on @OSTtalk talking about the hard work election officials do to keep voter roles up to date #Election2016

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