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@GolfUnfiltered @GolfSpyT @HarryArnettCG @PFMGolf @JasonFinleyCG @CallawayGolf I’m not sure entirely level exists other than in theory, but to assume it’s only consumer behavior which dictates choice is just economically naive.
@PFMGolf @GolfSpyT @GolfUnfiltered @HarryArnettCG @JasonFinleyCG @CallawayGolf Products are the same price except when they’re not. That’s why we have MSRP, MAP and then what people actually pay. Let’s not confuse price with what people end up paying. And prices driven by an entire market may or may not reflect one persons experience.
@GolfUnfiltered @GolfSpyT @HarryArnettCG @PFMGolf @JasonFinleyCG @CallawayGolf Consumer determination kinda sorta works in a macro context and you still have to assume ceteris paribus. Consumers typically operate in a micro context where choice is based on access. Cheaper prices nationally on beef don't help me when I'm buying a hamburger at Disney Land.
@GolfUnfiltered @GolfSpyT @HarryArnettCG @PFMGolf @JasonFinleyCG @CallawayGolf To quote my hip hop friends "Nice and Smooth" - "Too much of anything makes you an addict." - What happens when a certain level of choice can no longer be supported? Increased choice means increased costs of production. Where do those costs go?
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