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How we overlook the flaws in the 'The Night Of,' 'Stranger Things' and more

latimes.com — Approaching the end of "The Night Of" felt akin to watching Olympic gymnastics. There were lots of twists and risky maneuvers, but could they stick the landing? (If you haven't watched the conclusion of the HBO drama - or "Stranger Things" on Netflix - proceed with caution. Spoilers ahead.)

Overrated/Underrated: Do we still need Britney Spears?

latimes.com — UNDERRATED The Tragically Hip: If you've heard of this band, chances are it was from a Canadian friend who asked - probably rather politely - that you give one of their albums a listen.

Review: Carlos Santana, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock rarely take off with Mega Nova at the Hollywood Bowl

latimes.com — Give your latest project a name that sounds like an explosive cosmic event and, sure, maybe expectations run a little high.

As 'The Night Of' signs off, star Bill Camp reflects on the 'subtle beast' of his character

latimes.com — After watching HBO's eight-episode mystery "The Night Of," which wraps up with a 95-minute finale on Sunday night, there's something you might not expect from Bill Camp, who portrays the laconic, thoughtfully intense NYPD Det. Dennis Box.

Overrated/Underrated: Saying goodbye to 'The Nightly Show' and Olympic streaming woes

latimes.com — UNDERRATED "The Nightly Show": Larry Wilmore, we hardly knew you - at least in the context of late-night TV now that this "The Daily Show" counterpart has been canceled by Comedy Central for, among other things, failing to generate enough "shareable content."

Appreciation: Bobby Hutcherson connected some of the highest points in jazz

John McLaughlin, center of influential TV pundit chat show 'The McLaughlin Group,' dies at 89

latimes.com — If you recently tuned into a cable news program centered around politics, and the discourse drifted into something more akin to a combative holiday dinner than buttoned-up Beltway chatter, you have John McLaughlin to thank. He was a tireless conservative voice whose long-running weekly public television program, "The McLaughlin Group," helped alter the shape of political discourse since its debut in 1982.

Networks (and show runners) look to strike a careful balance with fall's slate of reboots

latimes.com — Do not adjust your set: What's on television may look more familiar than usual this fall. The roster of recognizable names for the 2016-17 season goes beyond longtime TV fixtures Matt LeBlanc and Kiefer Sutherland and includes roughly a dozen shows based on already existing series and films, some of which stretch back decades.

Overrated/Underrated: The Olympics bring real warmth and drama to sports

latimes.com — UNDERRATED The Olympics: Yes, the International Olympic Committee may be only marginally less shady than the recently indicted FIFA. And yes, the recent doping scandals have brought into question the competitions themselves, which are aired by a network whose coverage is almost as much fun to mock on social media as it is to try and watch on various tape delays.

Scott Silveri's 'Speechless' is more than 'the disability show'

macon.com — Television's track record for telling stories involving individuals with special needs is spotty, and particularly tricky when it comes to comedy. That's something that "Speechless" executive producer Scott Silveri sounded well aware of during a panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills.
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Aug 29, 2016

Just realized Netflix has no Gene Wilder movies available to stream and I might as well be lighting $9 a month on fire.

Aug 29, 2016

Everyone's outgoing tweets should be displayed on those screens in the train cars. Let's liven things up in here.

Aug 26, 2016

I tried maybe seven fantastic lines to share as a 'highlight' but really just read 'Today’s Vagenda':  https://medium.com/@saraschaefer1/todays-vagenda-2747885a4497#.gow9bdxpy 

Aug 26, 2016

When my brain picks today to remind me Ugly Kid Joe's 'Everything About You' exists  http://gph.is/29eZCsi?tc=1 

Aug 25, 2016

@Millicentsomer it was strange, I started liking it a lot and slowly the unpleasantness of everyone involved wore me down. It's relentless

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