Photojournalist @ydrcom. Adventurer. Asker of questions. Native Texan, Mizzou j-schooler, New Mexican at heart. I tweet about dumplings, diversity, dinosaurs.

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Half my life ago, I wanted to be a news anchor on TV so I could inform and enthrall thousands of viewers during the evening news program. Eight years later, a New Mexico hippie put a medium-format film SLR camera into my hands and told me to have fun. Ever since, I’ve been behind the camera — not...

Have you ever used a typewriter?

I used a typewriter to write short stories when I was homeschooled in 5th-6th grades. I hated when I made mistakes that I couldn't correct.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

Being a journalist means you're probing for answers and information people may not realize they need. And you do it for the common good.

Why did you become a journalist?

I'm a curious introvert: I'm a good listener and always want to know more. And I won't let my introversion get in the way of my curiosity.