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Japan fumbles for the legal path to an 'Emprexit' — Simplest route to abdication lies with Imperial Household Law, not constitutional change Special To The Japan Times Things got interesting earlier this month when Emperor Akihito addressed the nation to explain his desire to abdicate, without actually expressing a desire to abdicate.

Japan's Minor Offenses Act has major untapped potential — I sometimes worry about my continuing failure to devote a column to vagina-kayak creator Megumi Igarashi, the controversial artist currently appealing her May 2016 conviction for the obscene act of distributing data for the topographical coordinates of her naughty parts so that anyone with a 3-D printer can replicate them.

University of Washington Police — University of Washington Police, Seattle, WA. 2,857 likes · 37 talking about this · 285 were here. Supporting the University's academic and research...

Japan's discriminatory koseki registry system looks ever more outdated — One of the features, or, depending on your perspective, problems of the koseki (Japan's family registration system) is that it embeds deeply into the legal system a very basic distinction between koseki insider and outsider - those registered in it and those who are not.

Japan's koseki system: dull, uncaring but terribly efficient — Family registry system can seem schizophrenic but its authority keeps citizens out of the courts. In case you missed it, rivers of ink have been spilt over Japan's supposed aversion to litigation, often in juxtaposition to a United States portrayed as the ninth circle of litigiousness hell.

Does the Japanese Constitution mean anything? — If LDP gets its way, a charter full of rights that are barely known would be replaced with one heavier on duties To be clear, the title of this column is not a rhetorical question intended to imply the answer "No."

In-out distinction raises linguistic issues for Japan's long-term 'inside outsiders' — The worst thing I have ever been called in Japanese is ノンジャパ ( non-Japa). Admin people at a university I attended long ago used it to refer to the foreign students. I have never been fond of the English term "non-Japanese," either: Who wants to be defined in terms of what they aren't?

Two years after Japan signed Hague, children have been returned but old issues remain — 'What brand of Champagne did you drink?" The lawyer delivered the question with a dramatic flourish, and I suppose it was a reasonable question to ask, even if rhetorically. I was being cross-examined as an expert witness in a child custody-related trial in a Western courtroom.

Lessons in history and bureaucracy lurk within Japan's geographical layer cake — Here's a test of your Japan knowledge: What's the nation's capital city? Trick question. The correct answer is: It doesn't have a capital city.

Making an impression in Japan: a hanko primer — An important skill for lawyers is the ability to ignore your own children. As a seasoned professional who works from home a lot, I have developed industrial-grade static filters that block out whatever noise happens to be emanating from the rubble-strewn Progeny Sector of the house.
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Aug 28, 2016

Page side rage side for this evenings activities #LOCKN

Aug 28, 2016

I am seeing Phish tonight. That is always a good day #LOCKN

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