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Shooting Video With Periscope? How to Learn From Congress' Newbie Mistakes. — You never know when the next stream-worthy moment will strike, so here's a quick-start guide to three top streaming services: Periscope, Facebook Live, and SnapChat.

20 Things The Internet Destroyed Forever [Infographic] — The internet is responsible for an immeasurable amount of technological advancement for seemingly every aspect of our daily lives. But which elements of human society have fallen by the wayside? What happened pre-internet that we just don't see anymore?

A Theme Park For Disaster Junkies — Few of us face death by choice, and we've become comfortable relying on firefighters, cops, and others to do the death-facing for us. That, argues Soon-Min Hong, has bred in us a cavalier attitude toward these vocations.

Everything You Need to Know About How Light Affects Your Sleep — Modern life is all about innovating our way out of our inabilities. We're not meant to fly, or live 20 stories in the air, or speak to a friend in New Zealand. And (buzzkill alert) we're not meant to be awake when the sun don't shine.

Could LED Lights Help Fight the Zika Virus? — It's difficult to blame any single factor for the rapid spread of diseases like the Zika virus and dengue fever. One thing on which experts can agree, however, is that warmer temperatures around the globe are helping tropical insects survive in temperate zones.

Who's Responsible When a Self-Driving Car Crashes? — Valentine's Day was a bummer in Mountain View, Calif. For the first time, one of Google's self-driving cars, a modified Lexus SUV, caused a crash. Detecting a pile of sandbags surrounding a storm drain in its path, the car moved into the center lane to avoid the hazard.

Science Confirms The Obvious: We Hate Being Hot — As if the climate-change debate weren't heated enough, it turns out that as global temperatures rise, so do tempers. A UC Berkeley researcher has gathered a dataset from social media that links warmer weather and general crankiness.

An Island Fit For A Bond Villain — Thanks to climate change, the 1 percent now have a new problem to worry about. As sea levels rise, their private islands are imperiled. With a new concept from Swiss submarine-maker Migaloo, islands no longer have to be so annoyingly stationary.

Ossic X Headphones Immerse You In A 360-Degree World Of Sound — In a virtual world, hearing is as important as seeing. When you walk on a moon, you want to hear footsteps in the dust. So it's no wonder virtual-reality headset-makers like HTC, Oculus, and Sony have invested in 3D audio engines that immerse the user in location-specific sounds.

This Plastic Can Repair Itself — Forty years ago, plastic surpassed steel as the most widely used material in the world. Sure, the affordable and malleable polymers have brought plenty of convenience to modern life (Tupperware! Teflon! Velcro!) as well as taking on more-vital roles, in airplanes, cars, and smartphones.
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Jul 29, 2016

@APStylebook Oh wait: In the political parties entry, it's "Democrat," but in its own entry it's "democrat." Hmm.

Jul 29, 2016

@APStylebook why is it "democrat" & "Democratic Party" but "Republican" & "Republican Party"? Why not capitalize both?

Jul 19, 2016

@SportSleepDoc Working on a story about sleep trackers, and would love your $0.02. DM me?

Apr 01, 2016

Whether intended or not, what's going on on  right now is an amazing ad for @hulu

Feb 29, 2016

A parallel universe in which NYC is considered more-affordable. Oh, wait... 

Feb 26, 2016

@katiedrumm me for the last five minutes: cluster = duster clank = dank cloth = doth clump(y) = dump(y) ...

Feb 26, 2016

RT @AthertonKD: Trump's full cabinet will just be a Breitbart comments section.

Feb 26, 2016

I believe in multiverse theory, because I have to believe there's a world in which what's happening right now isn't. 

Feb 25, 2016

RT @PopSciEats: Could God create an iPhone so secure He couldn't hack it?

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