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Test Your Bullshit Detector With This Week’s Fake News Quiz

Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Could Be Better At "Filtering Out False Information”

buzzfeed.com — One week after Facebook's Trending Topics algorithm promoted a false news story to millions of people, Mark Zuckerberg has publicly acknowledged the company could be "doing a better job filtering out false information or clickbait." Zuckerberg made the statement in a Facebook post marking the 10th anniversary of News Feed.

57 People Who Lost Their Dad Inside Canadian Tire

17 Crimes Against The Donair That Shall Not Stand

Facebook Must Either Innovate Or Admit Defeat At The Hands Of Fake News Hoaxsters

buzzfeed.com — It's taken nearly two years, but this week clearly showed how Facebook's approach to battling fake news has failed. Only a fews days after the company laid off the human editors who managed its Trending Topics and related news articles, a false story about Fox News host Megyn Kelly became a top Trending Topic on the platform for nearly 24 hours.

A Site That Facebook Made A Top Trending Topic Is A Sketchy Reprint Factory

buzzfeed.com — 1. For much of Sunday and into Monday, Fox News host Megyn Kelly was one of the top Trending Topics on Facebook. Her name appeared in the sidebar seen by Facebook users in the United States: EndingTheFed.com was anonymously registered by its current owner in March of this year.

Russian Media Falsely Reported That Trump Called The Paralympics "Complete Idiots” For Banning Russia

buzzfeed.com — Yes, really. The decision to not admit Russian paralympians was made by complete idiots, they are the ones that are really disabled here. How do you explain the fact that athletes from Russia with all these scandals around doping, still competed at the Olympics in Rio and all of the Russian Paralympic team, which has never been involved in doping scandals, will not go to Rio?

This Is The Hashtag Racists Use To Falsely Accuse Black People Of Looting

buzzfeed.com — 3. That hashtag and the false and racist messages is the latest incarnation of a long-running hoax used by trolls to spread negative stereotypes about black people, and Black Lives Matter in particular.

This Viral Photo Of Bikers Protesting The Birkini Ban In France Is Fake

buzzfeed.com — 1. Tons of people are sharing this photo and claiming it shows two French bikers protesting the birkini ban by wearing a "motokini": People are responding to the tweet with messages of solidarity with Muslim women that the photo supposedly shows. This image has nothing to do with the birkini ban in France.

24 Times Canada Had No Chill About The Canadarm

buzzfeed.com — 4. When the Royal Canadian Mint released a ~$1,000~ gold coin with the Canadarm on it. 5. When the director general of the Canadian Space Agency shamed a museum for referring to it as "NASA's Canadarm." 20. When we made a Canadarm 2 to replace the first one. 22.
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Sep 29, 2016

RT @rachaiello: "The two then Instagrammed a Gloria Steinem quote and bonded over their love of Girls."  https://twitter.com/NYMag/status/781310865513521154 

Sep 29, 2016

@BenjWaldman Hey @sabewCDA any way for this j-student to get a discount for tonight's event?

Sep 29, 2016

@BenjWaldman Check the Eventbrite site, but I don't think I saw a student price.

Sep 29, 2016

RT @EliotHiggins: While we were busy investigating the murder of 298 people, Kremlin backed hackers were trying to attack us #MH17 https://t.co/UA18UuzGqA

Sep 29, 2016

People have a lot of doubts about this German journalist's interview with an alleged Jihadi in Syria: https://t.co/r5EA5YOjCW https://t.co/OjzETQFNRV

Sep 29, 2016

@gilgul Also, signing up for a Scale Model trial RIGHT NOW

Sep 29, 2016

RT @gilgul: New blog post on the #TrumpWon hashtag and the communities of users who got it to trend worldwide… https://t.co/vyTumwphfT

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