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Hyperpartisan Facebook Pages Are Publishing False And Misleading Information At An Alarming Rate

buzzfeed.com — Hyperpartisan political Facebook pages and websites are consistently feeding their millions of followers false or misleading information, according to an analysis by BuzzFeed News.

This Huge Sculpture Of A Baby In A Mountain Has Become A Totally False Meme

buzzfeed.com — Each of the above tweets received thousands of retweets. The background story is false. This sculpture titled "Pregnant Mountain" is a tribute to the woman that gives life... https://t.co/CspfG93M9P - HoaxEye (@hoaxeye) Last year, a Catholic news website interviewed Monsalve about the carving.

Test Your Bullshit Detector With This Week’s Fake News Quiz

New York Times column used quote from fake news site ‘without attribution’

poynter.org — A late entry for 2014's Correction of the Year comes from The New York Times. It features an early version of a column published in error; a quote taken from ludicrous article in a fake news website that was treated as real and used without attribution; and a reference to a non-existent Chicago radio station with the call letters WGYN.

That "Bucket Of Losers" Clinton Speech Transcript Is Totally Fake

buzzfeed.com — A fake transcript that purports to be from a paid speech Hillary Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs is circulating on Twitter and has been picked up by at least one conservative website. More than 2,000 emails belonging to Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta were released by WikiLeaks on Friday.

The year in media errors and corrections 2014

poynter.org — This New York Times correction combines Kimye, butts and a writer treating a fake news website and a fake radio station as real. Bravo: An earlier version of this column was published in error. That version included what purported to be an interview that Kanye West gave to a Chicago radio station in which he compared his own derrière to that of his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Test Your Bullshit Detector With This Week’s Fake News Quiz

Test Your Bullshit Detector With This Week’s Fake News Quiz

Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Could Be Better At "Filtering Out False Information”

buzzfeed.com — One week after Facebook's Trending Topics algorithm promoted a false news story to millions of people, Mark Zuckerberg has publicly acknowledged the company could be "doing a better job filtering out false information or clickbait." Zuckerberg made the statement in a Facebook post marking the 10th anniversary of News Feed.

57 People Who Lost Their Dad Inside Canadian Tire

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Oct 22, 2016

RT @EliotHiggins: WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton, and the Julian Assange Paedophile Smear Campaign – Separating Facts from Fiction https://t.co/sDOntR9AY0

Oct 22, 2016

@FlTruckerFrank @smerconish yes that is what we found. 38% for right pages, 19% for left. Both are high and alarming in my opinion.

Oct 22, 2016

@FlTruckerFrank @smerconish hard to cite all the examples we found in a short interview. If you read the story you'll see our data for both

Oct 22, 2016

@JWBritten agreed, there is still a need for people to continue to look at more of these pages, and over different/longer periods of time

Oct 22, 2016

@FlTruckerFrank we showed that left wing pages also had false snd misleading information.

Oct 21, 2016

RT @steverubel: Blockbuster story out of @Digiday. In feeds, people matter more than publishers so creativity nec. Tip @mediagazer https://t.co/yqFGFZYFfH

Oct 21, 2016

RT @BuzzFeedCanada: Clowns in London, Ontario accused a store with an anti-clown sign of being "racist" against clowns…

Oct 21, 2016

RT @jeremy_keehn: Media site: Please turn off your ad blocker. [turns off ad blocker] Media site: HOPE YOU LIKE AUTOPLAY VIDEO, MOTHER@#$!!@!ER!!!!!!!!

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