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@BethFishReads Hepburn got the recipe from her long-time friend and cook, Nora Moore, another remarkable woman.
@jcobb1031 @11thHour @NBCNews British common law recognized birth right citizenship and so did US from the start. Of course 14 th vital to extending it. I was trying to explain where the motion came from. Agree I should have done it better.
@sparafucile0 @NBCNews @11thHour I was trying to explain that concept of birth right citizenship began long before the 14 th A — British common law provided for it and so did US from the start. I could have and should have done a better job explaining— But it wasn’t from lack of knowing significance of 14 th a.
@ConsiderBurke @NBCNews @11thHour You’re right about 14 th a. But from the beginning US followed British common law which provided for birth right citizenship. Concept didn’t originate with 14 th A. I was trying to compress a lot of important ideas in a very brief amount of time. Wish I had been clearer.
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