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Marketing @Promoter_io Cofounder @StartupsSpeak. Founder @NotDickinaBox. Former CEO of Wahooly (acquired). AngelPad '13. Writer @Inc and previously @PandoDaily

The Anatomy of a Customer [Infographic]

inc.com — If you've read any of my previous stories, you'll know that I don't hide the fact that I'm a fanboy of Southwest Airlines. I will go out of my way to endorse and recommend them to anyone that asks (or doesn't ask), just like I'm doing right now.

Want to Ask Your Customers More Than Two Survey Questions? Data says "Don't Do It"

inc.com — One of the most often requested features we get (and refuse to implement) at Promoter.io is the ability to add additional questions to a survey (beyond the two-primary questions). This topic has led to much debate both internally at Promoter and externally within the Net Promoter Score (NPS) community at large.

Strange NPS Practices: Things that Destroy the Value of your Customer Success Efforts

inbound.org — As big fans of the show Stranger Things, we couldn't stop thinking about some strange things happening in our own dimension ... or when the second season will begin. More specifically

The Anatomy of a Bored Customer

inc.com — If we define a promoter as someone who is willing to go to great lengths to recommend or personally endorse a product or service, how many companies would you call yourself a promoter of? My guess is that you could count them on one hand.

The Anatomy of a Passive Customer (your biggest overlooked customer segment)

inbound.org — Did you know that your passive (or "satisfied") customers are often willing to leave you as soon as something better comes along? Even for something as simple as a slightly lower price. Passive customers, while not talked about nearly enough, are just as critical to your business as your promoters and detractors.

The Absolute Best (and Worst) Things About Being an Entrepreneur

linkedin.com — You've got a big idea and you can't stop dreaming about what it's going to become. You're so excited that it actually keeps you up at night. You've always felt like you should be doing something else.

How SaaS Companies Can Benefit from NPS Measurement

livechatinc.com — Times when companies used surveys that include tons of questions about a product or service are gone for good. Customers don't have time to answer these and managers to draw conclusions from them. That's why NPS is like a salvation for the SaaS industries. It's the quickest road they can choose to get customers' feedback.

How to Leverage Your Largest Untapped Inbound Channel (that very few companies are even doing)

inbound.org — I've been a marketer for as long as I can remember. One that's always looked for an edge or an untapped unique angle. Someone that looks right, when everyone else is looking left.

The One (And Only) Customer Survey That Impacts Every Department In Your Company

inc.com — Back in the old'n days, when business took place over the phone instead of email, people worked in actual offices. And by office, I mean individual spaces that had walls, a door and sometimes even a window or two.

The Biggest Mistake Companies Make Repeatedly With Their Customers (Hint: You're Probably Doing It)

inc.com — Imagine you're sitting down at a restaurant, just finishing up a fantastic meal, which was surprisingly topped by the fast and attentive service given by your waiter, when the Manager walks up and greets you at your table. You exchange some pleasantries and she politely asks about your experience.
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