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I'm a geologist and during my research on glaciers I became interested in history and the development of geological concepts in time.

September 19, 1991: The Iceman Natural History

blogs.scientificamerican.com — " It was nearly noon when I arrived at the top of the ascent. For some time I sat upon the rock that overlooks the sea of ice. A mist covered both that and the surrounding mountains.

The true Geology behind The X-Files: The Jersey Devil

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — Mulder: "But, but what if through some fluke of nature, a human was born, who reverted to it's most animal instincts, a kind of carnivorous neanderthal. Wouldn't he occupy a space above us on the food chain?"

Alexander von Humboldt and the Hand-Beast

blogs.scientificamerican.com — The German naturalist F. W. H. Alexander von Humboldt (born September 14, 1769-1859) is remembered as great geographer and explorer (maybe his name is even the most common on topographic maps), but his early education focused on mining engineering (and economy, as wished by his mother) and he made some important contributions to geology, for [...]

The Geology behind The X-Files: Firewalker

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — The parasite is discovered when spores are released from rock samples collected by a robot - named " Mulder:" ... I found several references to a subterranean organism."Scully: "What are you talking about?"Mulder: "An unknown organism, existing within the volcano.

Geological Field Sketches - The Eruption of Mount Asama

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — The eruption of Mount Asama in Japan in the year 1783 was among the strongest in recent history. It is rarely mentioned, however there survives plenty of contemporary documentation, most hosted nowadays in the collection of the Asama Volcanological Observatory (AVO), and Mount Asama is also one of the best monitored volcanoes since 1934.

Art and Geology: The Crystal Searcher

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — Awful Changes. " The caricature by De la Beche of Charles Lyell as Prof. Ichthyosaurus on the pages of Francis Trevelyan Buckland (Son of William B.). "Curiosities of Natural History".

2 September, 1806: The landslide of Goldau

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — Thanks' to the meticulous work of the naturalists we have a large amount of eyewitness reports of the landsl ide and its aftermath, and can reconstruct in great detail the catastrophe. Vicar G. Ott from Goldau in his 1906, 100 years after the catastrophe realized book " Goldau und der Bergsturz v.

The Eruption Of Krakatoa Was The First Global Catastrophe

The Killer Lakes Of Africa - A Rare But Dangerous Volcanic Phenomenon

The Origin Of Geological Terms: Ammonites

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Sep 26, 2016

September 26, 1816: Birthday of French palaeontologist and entomologist François Louis Paul Gervaise  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Gervais 

Sep 25, 2016

RT @FossilHistory: The paleontologist who proved the Sahara had not been under water during the Pleistocene Ice Age was born #OTD!… https://t.co/vSuEMIuvDD

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