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I'm a geologist and during my research on glaciers I became interested in history and the development of geological concepts in time.

Archaeopteryx: The First Fossil Feather

Of Love and Lava: A Geomythological Tale of Kilauea

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — The first colonists arrived on Hawai´i probably in the years 800-1.000. Lacking a written history their nevertheless developed a rich oral tradition, inspired in part by past events. One of the most important stories involves the volcano goddess Pele and her youngest sister Hi'iaka.

Maria Matilda Ogilvie Gordon: Pioneer Geologist of the Dolomites

blogs.scientificamerican.com — Dana Hunter is compiling a list of Pioneering Women in the Geosciences, so here a name closely linked with the geology of the Dolomites. The Scottish Maria Matilda Ogilvie Gordon (1864-1939, the photo shows her in 1900, image in public domain), or simply May, was the oldest daughter of a clergy family with eight children, five boys and three girls.

From Rocks to Angels

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — Fig.1. Medieval engraving of a scala naturae showing the "ladder" concept. The words on the steps read (in translation): rocks, flame, plants, beasts, humans, heaven, angels, God. The scala naturae or great chain of being placed all natural objects in a supposedly divine order and can be traced back to Aristotelian philosophy.

What Ötzi The Iceman Reveals About the Climate In The Last 5,000 years

forbes.com — Otzi, the bronze-age mummy discovered in 1991, doesn't just tell us about human history - he tells us about the climate's history.

A History Of Collecting Rocks And Minerals: Minerals As Early Medicine

Old Plant Surveys Show How Modern Climate Change Is Threatening High Altitude Species

Alexander Von Humboldt's Contributions To Geology

The Early Exploration and Geology of the Chamois Mountains

historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com — „ Su le dentate scintillanti vette, salta il camoscio, tuona la valanga da' ghiacci immanirotolando per le selve scroscianti; ma da i silenzi de l'effuso azzurro esce nel sole l'aquila,e distende in tarde ruote digradanti il nero volo solenne."

September 19, 1991: The Iceman Natural History

blogs.scientificamerican.com — " It was nearly noon when I arrived at the top of the ascent. For some time I sat upon the rock that overlooks the sea of ice. A mist covered both that and the surrounding mountains.
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Oct 26, 2016

RT @FaithfullJohn: Forams = microscopic cephalopods! Pre-1835 set of foram models in #TeylersMuseum Haarlem. https://t.co/0lI9gL9rLh

Oct 25, 2016

Z-fold in the deep-marine Buchenstein-fm, Dolomites https://t.co/FqMju6kBME

Oct 25, 2016

RT @FossilHistory: Pickled platypuses, giant sloths, & countless #fossils. New post on seeing London through Huxley's eyes.…

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