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Remember that "Erin Brockovich" Chemical? There's a Good Chance It's in Your Water

NBN - it's like a 150 year old train wreck — Australia has already lived through a communications mix-and-match disaster. We're doing it all over again. In the early 1850s, there was a great deal of independence amongst the Australian colonies (they weren't yet states at this point in time), with very little over-arching control from London (at the time, the fastest communication method between London and Australia was a ship on the ocean!).

Top 500 Supercomputers - shocking new number one — The world has a brand new number one supercomputer and its 3 times faster that the previous leader. The June 2016 Top500 Supercomputer list was released earlier today at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Should I divorce LinkedIn and — As a long-time, but relatively idle user of LinkedIn, I'm quite concerned about the future. I've always been a little wary of posting too much information on LinkedIn, it's too easy for the "naughty lads of the Internet" to mine it for all manner of useful information.

A quick glance - Menlo Security — It's simple, really. If you don't want to have a web page dump malware on your device, don't render it there. Such is the essential premise of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) where all web pages visited by any subscribing device will be rendered on Menlo Security's servers and only the resultant page, devoid of any scrips of other executable content is delivered to the device.

A quick glance - Wedge Networks

iTWire - A USB Condom — A couple of weeks ago, iTWirer Ray Shaw wrote of the dangers of connecting your mobile device to a public charging socket. In that item Ray echoed the thoughts from Kaspersky Labs that a 'naughty person' might have added his own electronics to the innards of the charging station to indule in a 'conversation' with your device.

Falling Down the List — Australia currently ranks fourth on the global list of countries most vulnerable to hacking. What should we do? My colleague Sam Varghese wrote of the recent report that analysed open ports and related the results to population size. In general, the study scanned every available IP address looking for servers with open, "unencrypted, unauthenticatable services".

Cylance - a new kind of magic? — Running head-to-head against three major AV vendors, Cylance shows why AI is the new AV. Artificial Intelligence is regularly touted as the next big thing, however sometimes we have to ask, "for what?" Judging by the demonstration iTWire was witness to, it would appear that Cylance is able to make AI work in the anti-malware space.
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Oct 20, 2016

RT @nycjim: I’m seeing a number of people saying Al Gore didn’t accept election results. That isn’t what happened. He conceded.

Oct 20, 2016

RT @billmaher: Not a single question about climate change in all 3 debates. Sad. No, really - sad.

Oct 16, 2016

Rudy Giuliani tells @jaketapper he'd have to be a 'moron' to believe the election in Philly won't be rigged.

Oct 12, 2016

RT @EHPonline: .@EPA fast-tracks risk reduction for two #flameretardants and other PBT chemicals under the updated #TSCA

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