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The Bizarre Case Of Hiccuping Teenagers In Old Salem — Massachusetts Puritans once blamed witches for the trances and strange utterances of young girls in Salem Village. More than 300 years later in the same town, now called Danvers, state health officials investigated a mysterious 2012 outbreak of chronic hiccups in 24 teenagers, mostly girls, at two local high schools.

FDA Approves Mutant Mosquito Experiment In Florida Keys — Mutant mosquitoes genetically engineered to kill off their disease-carrying kin are safe to test on on an island in the Florida Keys, US officials decided on Friday. The US Food and Drug Administration approval means that Florida officials can allow British biotech firm Oxitec, Ltd., to test its genetically engineered "OX513A" mosquitoes in Key Haven, Florida.

A Company Just Got Permission To Land On The Moon — The US government has approved the first private moon lander, scheduled to prospect the lunar surface late next year by hopping from place to place. "We are now free to set sail as explorers of Earth's eight continent, the moon," MoonExpress CEO Bob Richards said in a statement on the federal approval of the MX-1E spacecraft leaving Earth's orbit and heading to the moon.

Birth Control Should Be Cheaper Because Of Zika Threat, CDC Says — CDC officials on Tuesday called for making IUDs and contraceptive implants cheaper and more widely available to US women. The move is prompted by the Zika virus - linked to severe birth defects - establishing itself in Florida. Florida governor Rick Scott on Monday announced 14 cases of Zika virus tied to bites from local mosquitoes, the first mainland US cases.

Miami Now Has 14 Cases Of Zika From Local Mosquitoes — An investigation of mosquitoes in Miami that gave people Zika have revealed10 new cases, Florida governor Rick Scott announced on Monday, bringing the total number of domestic US cases to 14. "Local transmissions are still only occurring in the same square mile area of Miami," Scott said in a statement announcing the cases, and pointing to the Wynwood neighborhood of the city as the home of the Zika-infected mosquitoes.

8 Actual Health Risks At The Rio Olympics (Hint: Zika Isn’t One) — Zika gets all the headlines, but visitors of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games face bigger worries from the relative mundanities of upset stomachs, traffic accidents, and muggings, public health experts warn. As many as 500,000 tourists from 206 countries will travel to Rio for the games, which begin with opening ceremonies on the evening of August 5.

Mosquito Bites Are Giving People Zika In Florida — Public health officials on Friday announced that the Zika virus has arrived in the United States, confirming early reports of four Florida patients infected by domestic mosquitoes. In a statement, the The Florida Department of Health (DOH) concluded that "a high likelihood exists that four cases are the result of local transmission" of the tropical disease .

Scientists Slam CDC For Silence On New Florida Zika Cases — Florida health officials are now investigating four Zika virus patients who are suspected of catching the disease from local mosquitoes, raising questions about what to tell pregnant women in and around Miami, a city of 5.5 million people.

Charges Dropped Against Anti-Abortion Activists Who Made Secret Videos — The Houston district attorney's office on Tuesday dropped the last criminal charge, for felony false identification, against anti-abortion activist David Daleiden, whose secret recordings of Planned Parenthood officials inflamed national politics last summer.

Astronaut Eileen Collins Takes Heat For Speaking At GOP Convention — Colonel Eileen Collins is known for firsts: the first woman to pilot a space shuttle (1995); the first woman to command one (1999); and the first astronaut to steer NASA's space shuttle through a backflip, some 250 miles above the Earth (2005).
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Aug 24, 2016

"the belief that war was a regenerative force" A look at how reporters hyped World War I - ab$ 

Aug 23, 2016

"could not find evidence of any instance where Moeller recused himself from rulings involving his wife’s clients." 

Aug 23, 2016

Review science book mailbag: How Men Age: What Evolution Reveals About Male Health and Mortality by Richard Bribiescas

Aug 23, 2016

RT @cshperspectives: On stepping down as an editor: "my faith in the basic goodness of people was taking a hit”... 

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