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Congress Is Actually Talking About Building Its Own Jail To Punish Attorneys General For Exxon Probe — WASHINGTON - A congressional committee chairman, Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, considered jailing the attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts at a hearing on Wednesday, displeased by their failure to respond to his subpoenas.

The North Dakota Pipeline's Halt Is “A Game Changer� For Oil Firms — Long sidelined, Native American tribes suddenly look like the future power brokers of the American West, say environmental experts assessing the federal government's halt to the hotly disputed Dakota Access Pipeline. In terms of environmental risk, the pipeline is not expected to be any more damaging than past pipelines traversing tribal lands - which are far less risky than moving the same oil by rail or truck.

Federal Funding For Zika Fight Is Again Stymied By Senate — A $1.1 billion federal Zika virus emergency response bill again fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance to the full Senate on Tuesday. Failing on a vote of 52 to 46, it was the third time a funding bill for the health crisis stalled, marked by partisan bickering over the spread of a disease linked to severe birth defects.

FDA Calls For Zika Testing Of All Blood Donors — Federal health officials called Friday for nationwide testing of all blood donations for the Zika virus, citing concerns about the tropical virus linked to severe birth defects infiltrating the US blood supply.

The Drug That Killed Prince Is Causing An “Unprecedented” Wave Of Overdoses — Fentanyl - the dangerous painkiller 50 times more potent than heroin that killed Prince in April - is sparking an "unprecedented" wave of fatal overdoses in young men in East Coast states, federal health officials said on Thursday.

Planned Parenthood Is Going To 25,000 Miami Homes To Warn About Zika And Sex — Planned Parenthood is sending canvassers to knock on 25,000 doors in Miami, to warn women in the Little Haiti and Little Havana neighborhoods of the severe birth defect risks linked to the Zika virus.

The Bizarre Case Of Hiccuping Teenagers In Old Salem — Massachusetts Puritans once blamed witches for the trances and strange utterances of young girls in Salem Village. More than 300 years later in the same town, now called Danvers, state health officials investigated a mysterious 2012 outbreak of chronic hiccups in 24 teenagers, mostly girls, at two local high schools.

FDA Approves Mutant Mosquito Experiment In Florida Keys — Mutant mosquitoes genetically engineered to kill off their disease-carrying kin are safe to test on on an island in the Florida Keys, US officials decided on Friday. The US Food and Drug Administration approval means that Florida officials can allow British biotech firm Oxitec, Ltd., to test its genetically engineered "OX513A" mosquitoes in Key Haven, Florida.

A Company Just Got Permission To Land On The Moon — The US government has approved the first private moon lander, scheduled to prospect the lunar surface late next year by hopping from place to place. "We are now free to set sail as explorers of Earth's eight continent, the moon," MoonExpress CEO Bob Richards said in a statement on the federal approval of the MX-1E spacecraft leaving Earth's orbit and heading to the moon.

Birth Control Should Be Cheaper Because Of Zika Threat, CDC Says — CDC officials on Tuesday called for making IUDs and contraceptive implants cheaper and more widely available to US women. The move is prompted by the Zika virus - linked to severe birth defects - establishing itself in Florida. Florida governor Rick Scott on Monday announced 14 cases of Zika virus tied to bites from local mosquitoes, the first mainland US cases.
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Sep 29, 2016

RT @peretti: Ben Smith built something amazing, it's been a blast working with him and learning from him all these years!

Sep 28, 2016

RT @jtuttlekeane: Francis Nimmo- the origin of extensional tectonics and ocean pressurization on Pluto & Charon #GSA2016

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RT @mboorstein: Asked whose political coverage she admires, @JillAbramson tells audience at @Harvard @niemanfdn it's @BuzzFeed

Sep 28, 2016

RT @stefaniei: Great, deep dive on how the fentanyl crisis is straining law enforcement in small towns.

Sep 28, 2016

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