Emily Gertz on Muck Rack

Emily Gertz

New York City
Environment Reporter and Editor — Freelance
Covers:  climate change, energy, green materials, resilience, environmental justice, biodiversity, wildlife, conservation, Arctic, cryosphere, politics, environmental science, environment


What was your first job as a journalist?

Environmental news producer at OregonLive.com, the online arm of The Oregonian newspaper.

Have you ever used a typewriter?


How is social media changing news?

How isn't social media changing news?

Who's your favorite fictional journalist?

Huntley Haverstock.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

Endless angst.

What's the funniest news-related #hashtag you've seen?

#RNCinCLE had its moments.

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

I prefer email.

What tools and software do you use to do your job?

TweetDeck, Tweetbot, Photoshop, Word, LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat, Goodreader...and whichever CMS you put in front of me.

What's your favorite social network?


Why did you become a journalist?

What could be better than getting paid to research new ideas, see different places, talk to all kinds of people—and write about them?

What story are you most proud of writing or working on?

I'm most proud of my reporting on people and communities on the front lines of climate change.

What advice can you offer to aspiring journalists?

Invest in real estate.

When's the best time to pitch you?

Before you've pitched someone else.

When you're not at a computer, where are you most likely to be?

Walking in Prospect Park, swimming at the Y, or watching a movie at Film Forum.

Aside from your own, what's your favorite publication to read?

The New Yorker, InsideClimate News, The New York Times, Arctic Deeply, The Independent Barents Observer, AFAR.

What's the most common misperception about your beat?

That environmental journalists are uncritical environmentalists.

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