Queer #freelancewriter specializing in #LGBTQ+, #humanrights, #eco issues, and #politics. Co-founder of the #ShadesOfGreen blog.

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Emma is a freelance writer and journalist, based in Hampshire, England.

She has a BA (Hons) in Journalism with NCTJ accreditation. Over the past ten years, she has written for several local papers and magazines as well as national and international news sites.

In her spare time, she can often be...

What was your first job as a journalist?

Reporter at Rant Magazine; a local youth magazine.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, someone in my local area was giving it away on Freecycle. I used it twice pretending to myself that I was a modern day Woodward or Bernstein.

Who's your favorite fictional journalist?

Rory Gilmore or Sabrina Spellman. They both knew they wanted to be journalists by their teens, worked on high school papers and both had a cheesy storyline involving a confidential source and a play on the Watergate Scandal. What I admire most about them though is the fact that they stood their ground when other people told them they weren't meant to be journalists because they didn't have a spark; they weren't tough enough. Sabrina was told that she wasn't good enough to work at a hip music 'zine (I think that's what 'the kids' call it) because she hadn't had enough life experience. Rory took an internship at Huntzberger Papers, owned by her boyfriend's father. Mr Huntzberger sat her down and told her that she just didn't have 'it'. These were two women who could smell a story a mile away and could spin dry content like the repaving of a driveway into a class struggle epic. They protected their sources, kept to wordcounts and deadines, and stood by their stories, even if it revealed a truth that others did not like. They were made to feel like they were bad at their jobs because they weren't edgy enough. Journalism to me is about truth and intergrity; it's about sharing positive developments like vaccines and same-sex marriage, as well as holding up a mirror to the world and trying to change it. They fought back and they won.