Here she comes, Thierry Ennui...

Even the most innocent pursuits have their dark side — Being tickled is not funny. I write as a person who hasn't lifted their arms above 45 degrees in 30 years for fear of a rogue hand sneaking into my sleeve and wiggling. A new documentary, one of the standout films at this year's Sundance festival, confirms the dark side of tickling.

Depression, violence, anxiety: the problem with the phrase ‘be a man’ — The most dangerous phrase in the English language is "be a man". To be a man today, says film-maker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, is to fight for success and sex, to reject empathy, and to never, ever cry. The result is depression, anxiety and violence.

Goodbye to sex: a short and heartfelt eulogy — Born in 1963, died 2016 - alas poor Sex. We knew you well. Well, not WELL. We knew you. Slightly. That was a good summer. But it was with great regret and some tears that last week we learned of your death.

Holiday pampering packs — The point of a travel set is not simply to ensure you can wash the sand out of your hair after an afternoon napping under the new Safran Foer. No. It is to complete the illusion that a holiday is a truly relaxing treat - to add a spa-like mystique to your lacklustre Airbnb shower.

Nude nails that look ‘effortless’ — "Effortless". This is what we're calling the nude nail now. It's the 2016 alternative to the French manicure. It's similar in that it's meant to look as if you are totally together, but without the white tip - surely the least effective way of pretending you have clean nails.

One day our children will ask: where were you in the summer of ’16? — Now is the summer of our discontent. The summer of rained-off barbecues, racist trams, death. Of padding into meetings in sodden sandals, and throwing down our notebook with a massive: "Oh what does it matter anyway, everything's gone to cock." If 1967 was the summer of love, then 2016 will go down as the summer of shit.

Fuss-free cherry red lips — The search for an easy red lip is an enduring quest. This summer, the answer is to lean towards a fresh ripe cherry, as seen at Oscar de la Renta, or Vivienne Westwood. Easy, youthful, bright.

Me sexist. You Jane… Why Hollywood is still a jungle — Hollywood's leading men age and grey, while their female co-stars remain forever 23. Here is a fact that is engraved so deep that woodlice live there. And yet the world is surprised when a female actor tries to stay young looking.

Why non-touring make-up is the new contouring — It's almost as though we needed to endure contouring in order to get here, to July 2016, with the reaction trend "non-touring". Where contouring required layers of foundation, blush and bronzer, plus a cache of YouTube tutorials, this light option asks only for a tinted moisturiser and a decent highlighter which you shimmer across your cheekbones, brow bone and nose.

The rise of the new racism — We're living in a time when it seems to be necessary to wear a safety pin on your lapel to identify yourself as a non-racist. Even if you're not aware of the social-media push, you'll have seen the results on your fellow commuters, colleagues - proud little pins, pinning nothing together.
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Aug 27, 2016

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