Here she comes, Thierry Ennui...

All you need is love… and screaming: what the Beatles really meant — When George Martin's son recently remixed the Beatles' live recordings, he removed the screams. Hearing snatches of the new songs makes me feel uncomfortable, as if... as if the music has been caught just coming out of the shower, too naked, too raw. And also it seems to miss the point.

Editor's picks: beauty looks for A/W 16 - in pictures — Brittle and brash, with Guy Bourdin-style black eyes and red lips, this season Saint Laurent's beauty came straight from an 80s nightclub

Joe Wicks: ‘People say I’m a cross between Jamie Oliver and Mr Motivator’ — A ripe Thursday afternoon in Richmond, and for Joe Wicks it is a "content day". I join the Body Coach at his favourite restaurant, Rock & Rose, to find Wicks uploading an old photo of prawn linguine to Instagram. "Content!" he is saying to his PR, loudly. He hands me a Pimm's.

Gemma Arterton: ‘It’s easier to conform and shut up’ — If you ask Gemma Arterton if she regrets her career choices to date, she will look you straight in the eye and tell you it's complicated. The year she graduated from Rada she appeared in Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla; in a Brit comedy with Mackenzie Crook; as the lead in Tess of the D'Urbervilles; and as Bond girl Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace.

Blurred edges for perfect lips — There is nothing fashion won't "ombré". In the past, the ombré lip (popularised by drag queens - a true sign of glamour) worked to make you look poutier. The new direction - a blurring of the edges - is grungier, cooler, a little bit hungover.

why its ok to be bad — Today it's bad to be good. Bad Moms, a film about the impossible expectations of parenting by the people who did The Hangover, has been a massive summer hit. You can understand why - mothers want to see their lives represented, and as a demographic they're being massively underserved.

Only strange fantasies will get you a dream home these days — If your home is for sale right now I have walked through it online and judged your feature walls, your DVD collection, your Dyson fans. Too hot for regular fans are you? An open window not enough for the sweat that builds when sitting at your bureau making lists of weird things to store on your patio?

High brows: the new alternative eyebrows — All hail the jazz-brow. Bored of trying to Delevingne your brows? The A/W catwalks were full of alternatives, my current favourite being Giambattista Valli's finely pencilled curve, with the added pizzazz of a sparkly swoosh underneath, to show that despite the careful pencilling, you still have a wild side.

The end of stretch denim — There's a certain bohemian timelessness to the London home of Jess Morris and Tim Watkins. In the garden, silk bunting flickers through the trees and wine is uncorked at midday. Leopard print, velvet. Frank Zappa stares down at you on the loo.

Children won’t be saved by a digital detox — The idea of a "digital detox" makes my eyes roll so far back I see memories from a past life as concubine number 6. When will we come to terms with our own desires and, rather than banning something we fear altogether, try to understand it?
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Sep 26, 2016

If you're interested in food & also want to see @jayrayner1 naked in a bed of pork scratchings, you will LOVE this. 

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