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Or to ask the question another way: if the Republican Party is going to be dysfunctional and reckless for the foreseeable future, is there a scenario where their tactics don't become common among Dems, even if pursued for more reasonable ends? Seems unlikely to me.
Given how Republicans used the government itself as leverage against Obama, the logic of Dems doing the same is powerful. I hear it even from Congressional Ds who hate it. But long-run, this is how systems end up in disaster, and no one seems to have a plausible way out.
Democrats got 6 years of CHIP, kept their shutdown leverage, and created some chance of resolving this through normal legislative channels. It’s a good deal, at least for now. 
This @dlind piece is excellent on the immigration state-of-play. We know how the government reopens, but no one has any idea how it stays open, and that's because no one has any idea what immigration compromise, if any, could work: 
RT @ddimick: It's Like a Weather Forecast From Hell: This graphic explains why 2 degrees of global warming will be way worse tha…
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