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Sanders Weighs In On Obama's Wall Street Legacy | RealClearMarkets

Bernie Sanders on Obama’s Wall Street Legacy

nymag.com — Where in political history do you rate Obama ? I think in looking at the Obama years, it has to be seen in the context of the world in which we were living when he came in.

Donald Trump’s genius for improvisation finally failed him at the Hofstra debate.

slate.com — Donald Trump likes to freestyle. In his overheated, screwball way, he's a master of the form. His improvisational skills are pretty much the core of his appeal-he's not scripted, he's good television. His faith in his ability to let it rip is the essence of his swagger, which apparently appeals to a vast audience.

Is Trump aligned with Russian interests? - by saturnsrim - Newsvine

saturnsrim.newsvine.com — Trump has been shown to have many ties to the Russian Oligarch on both a personal and financial level through his business dealings over the years. These ties extend into his current run as a presidential candidate as he employs Russians in his campaign staff that have lob …

Politics, Trump, And The Russian Connection - by saturnsrim - Newsvine

saturnsrim.newsvine.com — Long before Trump decided to run for president he had already made several forays into attempts to establish ties with the Russian elite. When he brought the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow, an endeavor for which he received 14 million dollars in compensation, he had also signed an agreement with Agalarov in one of several attempts to build a Trump Towers in the heart of the Russian capitol.

Moral Hazard | New Republic

newrepublic.com — Whereas the thrust of modern Christian history has been toward decentralization, Sunni Islam has undergone a rapid period of theological consolidation. In the faith's first century and a half, Abou El Fadl estimates that 135 legal schools competed to influence the religion.

How once-booming Brazil was brought low-and how it can save itself.

slate.com — RIO DE JANIERO-These Olympics should have been the triumphalist coda to the Obama era. That was an inevitable reverie for the red-eye flight that carried Barack and Michelle to Copenhagen in 2009, when they invested their full prestige in a last-ditch push to plant the 2016 games in Chicago.

Franklin Foer: The DNC hack is Watergate, but worse

dallasnews.com — A foreign government has hacked a political party's computers--and possibly an election. It has stolen documents and timed their release to explode with maximum damage. It is a strike against our civic infrastructure. And though nobody died--and there was no economic toll exacted--the Russians were aiming for a tender spot, a central node of our democracy.

Trump and Putin are using each other.

slate.com — Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are both lying. Only one of them, however, is cunning; the other is gaffing his way toward treason. Trump has emphatically denied ties to Russia-a claim refuted by his Twitter feed and a cursory Google search.

Welfare State | New Republic

newrepublic.com — The fight over drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (anwr) may be over, but it revealed a curious truth: The most zealous proponents of dotting the Alaskan tundra with oil derricks are ... the Alaskans themselves. A poll last year showed that 75 percent of state residents support anwr drilling.
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Oct 28, 2016

RT @mattyglesias: Facebook cares about user engagement, not about truth or journalism. If fake news prompts more engagement, then they will give us fake news.

Oct 27, 2016

RT @BBCSteveR: A US academic has asked Putin a question. Putin: Are you a spy? Academic: No, an academic. Putin: (smiling) I didn't mean that in a bad way

Oct 27, 2016

RT @IChotiner: My @Slate Q&A with Libertarian VP nominee Bill Weld about, among other things, his advice for swing-state voters.…

Oct 26, 2016

RT @juliaturner: Take it from me: Working for @davidplotz is one of the absolute best things you could ever do with your life, time…

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