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I implore you ,no I beg you to please read the attached column of what it would take to preserve, protect, and defend the GOP and moderate compassionate conservatism in America. Please digest this without blinders on. 
@realdonaldtrump urges lawmakers to impose the nuclear option for all bills.This violates our forefathers intention to allow for minority representation. Trump has zero comprehension of the US Constitution. Dems also have culpability for past action.
Watching the juvenile delinquents in the well of the Senate tonight was an absolute embarrassment. In 2013 @realDonaldTrump said that a #shutdown is directly the fault of a lack of leadership in the Oval office. Met with Schumer today and then reneged on what they had agreed on.
We no longer debate policy we now debate which party will be the most negatively affected by a .#shutdown Looking for a definition of dysfunctionality? Look no further than under the Dome of the capitol tonight.The Biggest Loser? DACA done right.
Trust me, and why wouldn't you, the GOP will take the brunt of the blame if there is a government shutdown. Again Republicans need to go into self-preservation mode and reach some kind of deal. I believe the RNC chair is MIA.
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