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Before I became a full-time television critic for The Times in August 2011, I was a sort of multipurpose freelance critic, reviewing television, theater, film and the occasional book once I’d completed my day job as an editor at the paper. What I learned as a freelancer still holds true now that I’m a full-time critic: The best part of the gig is being able to bring some ...

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‘The Siege of Jadotville’ on Netflix Rediscovers a Faded Footnote — The Congo crisis, as it was generally known, is a historical footnote to many people now, but "The Siege of Jadotville," a Netflix film that becomes available Friday, Oct. 7, makes a gripping drama out of one particular moment in the yearslong struggle for control in Central Africa.

Review: ‘Debate Wars,’ Where Nothing Is Too Frivolous for Argument — Whatever happens in Monday night's presidential debate, it's unlikely to be anywhere near as entertaining as the goings-on in "Debate Wars," six episodes of which went up on Thursday on Seeso, the comedy streaming service. It's difficult to convey just how funny this show is, or why it's so funny.

Review: ‘The Exorcist’ Reboots a Battle Against a Demonic Presence — "The Exorcist," a horror series that begins Friday on Fox, has two demons to fight. Some viewers will be measuring it against what they consider to be one of the scariest movies the genre has ever produced, the 1973 film directed by William Friedkin.

Review: In ‘I.T.,’ Smart House, Dumb Owner — Wishing you had one of those "smart houses," where there are cameras everyplace, and the plumbing and lighting and appliances are all computer-controlled? The thriller "I.T." could save you a lot of money. It will make you grateful that you live in an old-fashioned dumb house.

Review: In ‘Seed: The Untold Story,’ It’s Farmers Versus Big Business — "Seed: The Untold Story" is one of those documentaries that get you riled up about a situation but leave you feeling that nothing significant can be done about it. The film, by Jon Betz and Taggart Siegel, takes a wide-ranging look at the issues of diminishing diversity in the world's seed supply and ownership of those seeds.

Review: ‘Storks,’ an Uneasy Return to Delivering Babies — Birds have been fine - memorable, even - as secondary characters in animated fare. Zazu in "The Lion King." Scuttle in "The Little Mermaid." But giving a bird or birds top billing is another matter, as demonstrated by "Storks."

Commentary: How the sitcom ‘Speechless’ understands families like mine — If you live in a household like mine, one with a nonverbal child, you're anticipating one television show above all others this fall: "Speechless," which begins Sept. 21 on ABC. A prime-time series on a major network about "us"? It's occasion for excitement, and for reflection.

Review: ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘MacGyver,’ 2 ’80s Reboots, 1 With Chemistry — It's chemistry versus cleverness in this week's battle of the 1980s reboots. And the winner is - well, neither of them is mandatory viewing, but if you have to watch one, go with chemistry. That would be "Lethal Weapon," an action-movie franchise that Fox has turned into a TV series and will introduce on Wednesday night.

Review: Michael Weatherly, Recast as a Jury-Puppeteer on ‘Bull’ — To take the lead role in "Bull," a drama that begins Tuesday on CBS, Michael Weatherly left "N.C.I.S.," which after more than 300 episodes is still among television's most popular shows. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that "Bull" is not going to enjoy that kind of longevity.

Review: In ‘Kevin Can Wait,’ a Certain Domestic Déja Vu — Either Kevin waited too long, or he didn't wait long enough. For more than 200 episodes Kevin James did his schlubby thing in the CBS series "The King of Queens," which ended its nine-season run in 2007. Now he's working a similar schtick in "Kevin Can Wait," an anemic sitcom that has its premiere Monday on CBS.
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Sep 28, 2016

RT @emily_ladau: Okay just got to the physical therapist bit and THAT was high-larious. Also, my physical therapist is way more awesome. #Speechless #filmdis

Sep 28, 2016

TAKE THE PHONE BACK, KENNETH! THE BOY DOESN'T SPEAK! Minnie Driver yelling -- priceless. #Speechless

Sep 28, 2016

RT @jessemckinley: BREAKING: Nick Hillary found innocent in 2011 murder of Garrett Phillips. #NickHillary #HillaryTrial

Sep 28, 2016

Saddened by the death of Gary Glasberg, #NCIS showrunner. Never met him in person, but so gracious over the phone re a 300th-episode piece.

Sep 27, 2016

RT @acltv: The legendary @PaulSimonMusic is on #acltv this weekend! We've been waiting a very long time for this one!

Sep 27, 2016

Settling into my seat at the Troc in Philly to watch @adamconover's live election-special version of Adam Ruins Everything. Should be fun.

Sep 26, 2016

RT @SamBorden: The paper of record is checking the record tonight, in real-time. A worthy second-screen. 

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