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I really wish I believed #Scottevest. But enough is enough. Too many people from media, to our own ‘gop’ representatives use and bilk middle America while they Hate, mock and laugh. I’m done. And you wonder why trump won! #foolnomore. #notanontherdime  https://www.scottevest.com/pages/our-response-to-scott-comments.shtml 
#Scottevest #ScottJordan says he advertises on #FoxNews because the viewers are gullible and easier to ‘sell to’. So, I am right to think that your product is a scam? Fox should cancel and may your sales reflect your duplicity and hatred for half the country. #actualdiversity
Right to right March? Nope. CNN is trashing the hate of pro lifer’s while holding up the ‘womans march’ as the real feminist movement. Obscene. @conservmillen did a great job. https://t.co/gbQwndyppX
The footage George Soros hates. His minions do everything to hide this because once you see this and read or listen to his words around this you begin to understand his sociopathic god attitude.  https://twitter.com/alwaysactions/status/852329156507566080 
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