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Huge sinkhole injures two after suddenly appearing on China high street

independent.co.uk — Video has emerged that shows a huge sinkhole appearing on a high street that swallowed several people. The incident occurred in the city of Lanzhou, capital of China 's Gansu Province in the northwest of the country. CCTV footage of the busy pedestrian street shows how several people fall into the widening hole as the pavement falls away.

Earth 2.0: Scientists find ‘second Earth’ that could harbour life and is close enough to send space missions to

Airlander 10 crash: Video shows world's biggest aircraft crashing into the ground on test flight

independent.co.uk — Video shows the world's biggest aircraft crash landing after its second ever flight. The Airlander 10, a 302ft-long (92-metre) part plane, part airship, was damaged after it crashed into the floor when it was trying to land at its base at Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire.

US election: Hillary Clinton met 85 Clinton Foundation donors while secretary of state

independent.co.uk — The foundation established by Bill and Hillary Clinton is at the centre of fresh controversy after it was revealed that half of the people who met her when she was secretary of state gave money to the organisation.

Burkini ban: Newsnight presenter James O'Brien questions what would happen if nuns were forced to remove their habit

independent.co.uk — James O'Brien has weighed in on the debate over the burkini ban in France and challenged those who support the ban to explain how they would feel if nuns were forced to remove their habits. His comments come after armed police forced a woman on a beach in Nice to remove her burkini on Tuesday as part of a controversial new ban.

Jeremy Corbyn 'traingate' timeline: What happened after Labour leader claimed he couldn't get a seat on Virgin train

independent.co.uk — The row dubbed 'traingate' involving Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Branson's Virgin Trains has intensified after CCTV footage emerged appearing to contradict initial claims that the Labour leader was forced to sit on the floor on a service from London to Newcastle because there were no free seats.

Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft, crashes as it attempts to take to the sky

independent.co.uk — Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft, has crashed during its second test flight in Bedfordshire, but manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles said no-one was injured.

Jason Statham not making it as an Olympic diver is 'still a bit of a sore point'

independent.co.uk — One of Jason Statham's biggest regrets is a surprising one. Action film's resident hard man says having his Olympic hopes dashed in the 90s is still something he struggles to accept over two decades later. Statham failed to take home a medal in three competitions at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in New Zealand when he represented England in diving.

Jeremy Corbyn responds angrily to question about Virgin Trains: 'We're here to talk about the NHS'

independent.co.uk — Jeremy Corbyn gave an angry response during a televised news conference after being repeatedly questioned about the ongoing row with Virgin Trains over the Labour leader's claim that a service he was travelling on was "ram-packed".

Champions League draw: When is it, what time does it start, who will Arsenal, Leicester, Man City and Spurs play?

independent.co.uk — The Champions League draw takes place this week to determine the eight groups for this season's competition, with Leicester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City set the discover their European fate.
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