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This is the right way of looking at it. This shutdown isn’t really Ds vs Rs. It is Democrats and a decent bloc of Republicans vs. #PresidentKelly, Stephen Miller, and Tom Cotton. If Trump stops taking orders from President Kelly, the shutdown ends tonight.  https://twitter.com/ryanobles/status/955171060936265734 
RT @MichaelPreston: The lede of this @DeanBaker13 column is 🔥. “Many employers can't find workers with the necessary skills. For exampl… https://t.co/vn8CiQssqJ
Schumer is essentially conducting simultaneous negotiations with three factions: 1) The Graham faction is rational and coherent, but lacks power. 2) Trump has great power, but mostly just watches TV. 3) #PresidentKelly & his fellow hardliners control Trump & won't compromise.  https://twitter.com/Sydney843/status/955144146125139971 
RT @annalecta: Mar-a-Lago guests paying $100k or more per couple to attend Trump’s inauguration anniversary political fundraising… https://t.co/PhVzyJq09z
Are we seriously going to have a discussion about whether Durbin disclosing Trump's racism is worse than Trump's racism?  https://twitter.com/saletan/status/955128385935732736 
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