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Donald Trump has rolled back decades of gains for American women — Four years ago Mitt Romney became a global laughing stock when he talked proudly about "binders full of women". It was a funny phrase, no doubt about it. But watch the clip now, and it's hard not to feel sympathy for the hapless Romney.

Why Is Assange Helping Trump? | by Jonathan Freedland — Why has WikiLeaks devoted itself exclusively to the release of documents that might damage Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump? Some speculate that Julian Assange hopes he would be treated leniently by a Trump administration. Others suspect the heart of the matter is the Russian connection: Assange, like Trump, seems strikingly comfortable with Putin.

The man who cried rigged: the problem with Trump’s election claims — The thing you need to know about Donald Trump is that he never loses. Never. Whether it's in business or politics, Trump either wins outright or he was going to win until victory was stolen from him, usually through a crooked conspiracy of his enemies.

If they really wanted to Stop the War in Syria, they’d target Russia — Pity the luckless children of Aleppo. If only the bombs raining down on them, killing their parents, maiming their friends, destroying their hospitals - if only those bombs were British or, better still, American. Then the streets of London would be jammed with protestors demanding an end to their agony.

Can Ed Balls’s Strictly stint reinvigorate New Labour? — It is not to boast that I was a few years ahead of him on their hit list, but it is to signal a sneaking admiration for Ed Balls to reveal that I have several times said no to strictures to appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

We’re marching towards a mad Brexit. Someone must speak for the 48% — Among the multiple absurdities uttered by those who demanded Britain's departure from the European Union is the claim that, since the sky has not yet fallen in, all those gloomy warnings from the remain crowd have been proved wrong. Absurd because - and it's odd that they haven't spotted this - we have not yet left.

Will Theresa May’s speech appeal beyond Tory conference? Our panel’s verdict — Theresa May delivered a speech that could have been co-written by Ed Miliband and the editor of the Daily Mail. It was a fusion of two usually opposed political outlooks into a single message, one that aimed to command, and hold, the centre ground for the Conservative party.

Jeremy Corbyn falters with immigration — A hundred days on and the talk around Brexit is as delusional as ever. Last week it fell to Liam Fox, Britain's International Trade Secretary, who is not allowed to negotiate international trade - that's Brussels' job until Britain leaves - to add to the already thick fog of fantasy.

Jeremy Corbyn could heal Labour’s immigration divide. Sadly, he’s doing the opposite — A hundred days on and the talk around Brexit is as delusional as ever. This week it fell to Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, who is not allowed to negotiate international trade - that's Brussels' job until Britain leaves - to add to the already thick fog of fantasy.

Did Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech win over the party? Our writers’ verdict — To the victor, all of the spoils. That's why an ebullient, confident Jeremy Corbyn was able to calibrate before conference the precise nature of the relationship he will have with those who cackhandedly sought to depose him. To the victor, all of the spoils.
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Oct 22, 2016

RT @Daniel_Sugarman: The Rothschild family does own part of the Economist - as do the Schroder, Cadbury & Agnelli families. Funny how Ju…

Oct 22, 2016

RT @alexvtunzelmann: Ex-KKK leader sends message of adoring support to Wikileaks. Wikileaks respond by... tweeting antisemitism.

Oct 22, 2016

RT @RobPulseNews: Guess who tweeted the release of a new #Podesta email dump 29-mins BEFORE @Wikileaks tweeted the release? Spoiler:…

Oct 22, 2016

RT @Nate_Cohn: Obama's approval rating hits 57% in the Gallup tracker--the highest figure since late Dec. 2012.

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