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Donald Trump speaks to the gut - and progressives need to do the same — When they come to make Trump: The Movie, what will be the plot? For a long while I'd thought the obvious structure was that of The Producers, the classic Mel Brooks tale of the Broadway duo who realise they can make a fortune by staging a surefire flop.

Trump doesn’t have to be Putin’s agent. It’s bad enough that he is a fan — It's quite a contrast. In 1984, Ronald Reagan won re-election with the help, in part, of a TV ad that began with the memorable line, "There's a bear in the woods." Without ever mentioning Soviet Russia by name, the ad played on cold war fears to suggest that only Reagan was prepared to face down the menace from the east.

The Trump-Putin Fallacy — Trump is not a foreign agent, controlled by Putin. He is a thoroughly American creation that poses an existential threat to American democracy. Now that Trump has become the Republican nominee-and has pulled even or even slightly ahead of Clinton in the most recent polls-it is time to force ourselves to imagine the unimaginable: Trump as elected president of the United States.

The End of Republicanism? — The purpose of a modern party convention, one of them at any rate, is to have delegates return home full of enthusiasm and vigor for the struggle ahead.

As Trump backers praise Brexit, UK and US are nations united in rage — Donald Trump's noisy, shambolic and furious convention in Cleveland broke every rule in the US campaigners' handbook - including the relatively esoteric one that says British politics never, ever gets a mention. Deemed both obscure and irrelevant, the affairs of the UK have been reliably invisible from the US political argument since 1945.

Donald Trump's Republican convention speech: our writers' verdicts — You might think that a presidential nominee's speech should include some nod to policy and platform. But then Donald Trump isn't a regular presidential nominee. You might think that a presidential nominee's speech should include some nod to policy and platform. But then Donald Trump isn't a regular presidential nominee.

'He's a disaster': Trump still faces a party divided on convention's final night — Donald Trump, the self-declared king of deal-makers, faces the toughest negotiation of his career on Thursday night when he arrives on stage in Cleveland to close the final night of a Republican party convention riven by discord and disharmony.

The targeting of Hillary Clinton suggests a vicious campaign ahead — We now know how Donald Trump will take on Hillary Clinton this autumn - by framing her as a criminal who should be sent not to the White House, but to jail. Trump had already signalled as much via the two-word label he likes to hang around the neck of his Democratic opponent: Crooked Hillary.

Reality TV in Cleveland — Trump's candidacy rests on his experience as a business leader, on the notion that he is the CEO ready to run America, Inc. What he has demonstrated so far at the Republican convention in Cleveland is not deviation from an ideological norm, but simple ineptitude.

Fences: A Brexit Diary — Back in the old neighborhood in North West London after a long absence, I went past the local primary school and noticed a change. Many of my oldest friends were once students here, and recently-when a family illness returned us to England for a year-I enrolled my daughter.
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Jul 29, 2016

RT @AmbassadorPower: A true sign of how far we’ve come:US Navy ship to be named for #LGBTI champion & Navy vet #HarveyMilk, American hero h…

Jul 29, 2016

Not unlike Danny Boyle's London Olympics opening ceremony 4 years ago. Its argument: love the country we've become 

Jul 27, 2016

RT @sparksjls: Party of Lincoln: now defending slavery. What a time to be alive.

Jul 27, 2016

Dems host grieving relatives, as GOP did last week. Difference: they're not blaming Trump for their loss as last week's blamed Clinton

Jul 27, 2016

He's talking about the Sandernistas planning to vote Green rather than for Hillary. I fear he's right 

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