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Why print news still rules

politico.eu — Each time my newspaper delivery runs late, as it did last Saturday morning, and I'm forced to the Web for my early dose of news, I'm reminded how reading the news online pales compared to reading it in newsprint.

Timely ledes from this summer's New Yorkers.

slate.com — In February, 2007, when Barack Obama declared that he was running for President, violence in Iraq had reached apocalyptic levels, and he based his candidacy, in part, on a bold promise to begin a rapid withdrawal of American forces upon taking office.-" Obama's Iraq Problem," by George Packer, July 7, 2008 In 1841, Andrew Jackson Downing published the first landscape-gardening book aimed at an American audience.-" Turf War: Americans can't live without their lawns-but how long can they live with them?"

Cheater's Poker

slate.com — About two-thirds of the way into Burn Rate, Michael Wolff's sardonic tell-all about his failed attempt to become an Internet multimillionaire, the author pauses to ask himself a set of questions I had been wanting him to address for 150 pages: How many fairly grievous lies had I told?

Extreme ethical hygiene: New York Times opinion columnist Joe Nocera isn't always entitled to his opinion.

slate.com — Aside from driving an automobile, is there any human enterprise more encumbered with stupid rules, regulations, and guidelines than the practice of ethical journalism? No. The U.S. Constitution states the basic laws and principles behind the governance of the United States in about 4,500 words, while the New York Times Company Policy on Ethics in Journalism spends twice as many delineating the ethical dos and don'ts of getting a Times story.

Why you shouldn't call Obama's speech plagiarism.

slate.com — The speed with which reporters have circled Barack Obama to defend him against charges of plagiarism coming directly from the Hillary Clinton campaign indicates that the press is in the tank for Obama or-less conveniently for Clinton-that she's guilty of inflating his poor footnoting into grand theft larceny. According to U.S.

Jack Shafer Reviews Gay Talese’s Controversial New Book About Voyeurism

nytimes.com — THE VOYEUR'S MOTEL By Gay TaleseIllustrated. 233 pp. Grove Press. $25. The average reader will greet more with anger than sadness Gay Talese's disclosure - almost halfway through his book "The Voyeur's Motel" - that the detailed sex journal underpinning this zany work of nonfiction can't be trusted.

The (ongoing) vitality of mythical numbers.

slate.com — Reporters have so much faith in the pure power of numbers that many will inject into a piece any ones available as long as they 1) are big; 2) come from a seemingly authoritative source; and 3) don't contradict the point the reporter is trying to make.

Wolf Blitzer of CNN, the dullest journalist in the world.

slate.com — Could Wolf Blitzer be any duller than when he anchors The Situation Room for CNN? In a Q&A titled " Reporting tips from Wolf Blitzer" published on the CNN website today as part of the network's iReport project, Blitzer establishes his status as the standard reference unit of journalistic dullness with a series of limp responses to practical questions about his profession.

A press scholar explains how the New York Times op-ed page got started.

slate.com — Upon turning 40 years old last week, the New York Times op-ed page threw an 18-page party for itself in its print edition (Sept. 26) and staged a weeklong-Sept. 20-27-celebration on the Web. As self-lionizing shindigs go, the Times affair was fairly sedate.

Reform journalism school. Or torch it?

slate.com — Correction, appended Oct. 8: Clara Jeffery attended Medill Journalism School , not the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.] In his memoiresque The Wayward Pressman, A.J. Liebling assessed his time as a student at Columbia University's journalism school with a chapter titled "How To Learn Nothing."
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There's a great riff on this by Tom Wicker in one of his memoirs. Wrote that most political journalism is speculation. https://t.co/NCf8LesC87

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