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Jill Cornfield

New York
Personal Finance Journalist — Freelance

Personal finance journo. NY flaneur. Likes: knitting, new recipes, coffee. Dislikes: Lima beans, Puccini, the usual suspects.

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I have written about retirement for company plan sponsors, financial advisers and ordinary folks who want to know What To Do. (Confession: I didn't do much about retirement until embarrassingly recently.)

I’ve written about selling Girl Scout cookies, a visit with the Duggars (pre-scandal, of co...


Have you ever used a typewriter?

I learned to type on a manual.

What's the funniest news-related #hashtag you've seen?

Anything on #OHnewsroom.

What tools and software do you use to do your job?

Sometimes a ballpoint pen and a legal pad. Sometimes a Mac. And the usual CMS and mail delivery platforms. Strunk & White is usually nearby.