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If This Night Doesn't Save Hillary's Campaign, Nothing Will. | National Review

nationalreview.com — This was a terrible night for Donald Trump, so he'll probably surge in the polls. Hillary Clinton began oddly, with a lame knock on "Trumped-up trickle-down", and claiming Trump's main focus was to help the rich. (Is the "basket of deplorables" rich?)

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton's Polls Are More Even | National Review

nationalreview.com — Why should tonight's debate change the race? Both candidates are extremely well-known to almost the entire voting public. They've been in the public eye for decades. Their flaws are well-known, their scandals are well-known, and their advantages are well-known. They have been making variations of their arguments since last summer or even earlier.

Hillary Clinton's Debate Responsibilities Shouldn't be Fact Checking Trump Says Campaign | National Review

nationalreview.com — The message from Hillary Clinton's camp in the run-up to Monday night's debate is pretty clear: Moderator Lester Holt should call Donald Trump on any lies, mistakes, or factual errors.

Hillary Clinton’s Stronger Together: Empty Promises of a Status Quo Campaign | National Review

nationalreview.com — The official book of Hillary Clinton's campaign, Stronger Together, is having a rough time. Sales are slow, reviewers hate it even by the low standards of slap-dash campaign manifestos, and it is likely to be a fast-forgotten footnote to 2016.

Hillary's Lead Melted Because of Political Climate Change | National Review

nationalreview.com — From the first Morning Jolt of the week: The Candidates Are the Same, but the Political Environment Is Changing Why should tonight's debate change the race? Both candidates are extremely well-known to almost the entire voting public. They've been in the public eye for decades.

Awkward... | National Review

nationalreview.com — Eliana... Yes, it certainly looks like there's some serious division in the ranks among Ted Cruz staffers. What I'm wondering is... what are Senator Cruz's father and wife thinking right now? One of the best arguments Cruz could make for his stance was that he could never endorse a man who insulted his wife and smeared his father so viciously.

Charlotte Protests -- Looting Shouldn't Be Excused | National Review

nationalreview.com — If you get a big enough group of people, that group will inevitably include good people and bad people. If you gather a big enough group of angry protesters, you're going to include people who are genuinely expressing their feelings of outrage against injustice, and you're going to include people who think, "Hey, this is my chance to steal some stuff."

Does Hillary's Schedule of Public Events Seem... Light? | National Review

nationalreview.com — As noted in the final Morning Jolt of the week... Hillary Clinton isn't having any lingering pneumonia issues, right? No recurring dehydration? No other health issues that she's hid from the public, right? Because we really haven't seen as much of her as you might expect, less than 50 days away from Election Day.

Donald Trump's 2016 Campaign Ground Game: Does It Matter? | National Review

nationalreview.com — What percentage of Hillary Clinton supporters will actually cast ballots this year? What percentage of Donald Trump supporters? Yesterday, Katie Packer, former deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney, scoffed at the notion that Donald Trump could reach the necessary 270 electoral votes, suggesting that Trump would not win any state that he wasn't leading by five points in the polls.

Knee-Jerk Account Bans Will Destroy Twitter | National Review

nationalreview.com — Thankfully, Twitter chose to reactivate the account of Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. Instapundit this morning. Twitter chose to suspend the account of the University of Tennessee law professor because of a Tweet that purportedly encouraged drivers on interstates who are surrounded by rioters to "run them down."
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Sep 27, 2016

When do we get the ratings numbers and rough estimates of the debate audience size?

Sep 26, 2016

RT @gabrielmalor: This is a fair critique. Trump had to raise NAFTA, the secret emails, power vacuum in the Middle East on his own. https://t.co/IHBNoMXrhR

Sep 26, 2016

No, really, if this doesn’t reverse the polls for Hillary Clinton, what can?  http://bit.ly/2d26r6t  https://t.co/nRUX6hNyOV

Sep 26, 2016

I suppose Lester Holt just forgot about the no-applause, no-cheering rule as the night wore on. https://t.co/d4c2la5NBk https://t.co/J6AYjHM7AI

Sep 26, 2016

The debate included nothing on immigration (!) border security (!), Benghazi, or the Clinton Foundation.  http://bit.ly/2d26r6t 

Sep 26, 2016

This was a terrible night for Donald Trump, so he’ll probably surge in the polls. (That’s not a typo.)  http://bit.ly/2d26r6t 

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