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Conversation starter: On any given day, the U.S. pizza industry serves approximately 484-THOUSAND square feet of pizza. That’s enough pie to cover 3 Pentagons! Yummy. #IFYL
Never book vacations at WORK. Research shows we tend to spend more money when we book trips at work, compared to at home, because work stress makes us more impulsive. Plus, your boss is probably monitoring you & won’t approve how you waste time “on the clock!” #IFYL
Warning: Thinking green makes us mean! Research shows we’re more likely to lie, cheat & be mean when we buy environmentally-friendly products. It’s known as the “licensing effect.” We think we’re doing so good in one area of life, we feel entitled to behave badly in others. #IFYL
How can you lose weight WITHOUT changing your diet? It's all about changing the ENVIRONMENT in which you eat.... Watch this! 
When tossing old prescription bottles, remember to remove & shred the labels BEFORE putting them in the trash. Medical ID thieves could use information on the labels to impersonate you & put YOUR health records at risk #IFYL
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