The truth about grit — It's the single most famous story of scientific discovery: in 1666, Isaac Newton was walking in his garden outside Cambridge, England - he was avoiding the city because of the plague - when he saw an apple fall from a tree. The fruit fell straight to the earth, as if tugged by an invisible force.

The Paradox Of Altruism — I've got a new article in the New Yorker this week about the persistent paradox of altruism. It's subscription only, but here's the beginning: The vampire bat emerges from its cave at the darkest hour of night, after the moon has set. It flies low across the landscape, hunting by smell and sonar.

Ads Implant False Memories — My episodic memory stinks. All my birthday parties are a blur of cake and presents. I'm notorious within my family for confusing the events of my own childhood with those of my siblings. I'm like the anti-Proust. And yet, I have this one cinematic memory from high-school.

The Taste Of Coke Is All In Your Head — I'm a big fan of Mexican Coke. I can bore you silly talking about the elegant slender glass bottle, and the simple sweet taste of real sugar (Mexican Coke is made with sucrose, not high-fructose corn syrup) and the slightly lower levels of carbonation. It's a delicious drink, far less harsh and cloying that its...

Jonah Lehrer on Email and Friendship — It's hard to imagine a world without email. It's now the dominant form of exchange, with the typical American adult spending more than an hour a day managing the inbox. (People under 25 now spend more time texting from their cellphones than talking on them.)

Jonah Lehrer on the Wisdom and Foolishness of Crowds — America depends upon the wisdom of crowds. When voting, we rely on the masses to pick the best politicians. When investing in stocks, we assume that, over time, people will gravitate toward the best companies. Even our culture is increasingly driven by the collective: Just look at "American Idol."

The Superstar Advantage — Before long, I think that we'll look back on these years of golf and tennis and marvel that two men - Roger Federer and Tiger Woods - were able to utterly dominate their sports. These athletes didn't just win tournaments; they seemed to expand the possibilities of the game.

Our Inner Artist — THE ART INSTINCT Beauty, Pleasure, a nd Human Evolution By Denis Dutton The list of cultural universals -- those features that recur in every human society, from remote rainforest tribes to modern America -- is surprisingly short. There's language, religion and a bunch of traits involving social structures, such as the reliance on leaders.

Jonah Lehrer on the Costa Concordia Disaster and Safety Issues — We live in a society obsessed with safety. There are warning signs everywhere, from the Starbucks coffee cup-very hot liquid inside!-to the typical children's toy, which is wrapped in fine-print regulations involving fire safety and choking hazards.

Margaret Wappler plus the Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker lawsuit

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Feb 13, 2013

Here is the text of my speech. I'm deeply sorry for what I've done.

Jun 13, 2012

RT @anniemurphypaul: RT @PsychToday: Want to learn something backwards and forwards? Teach it to someone else.

Jun 13, 2012

RT @JuddApatow: 20 Rules of screenwriting from Pixar. I need to laminate this.

Jun 12, 2012

RT @emilynussbaum: Seriously enjoying the Bill Simmons podcast with Lena Dunham:

Jun 12, 2012

RT @BetseyStevenson: Among top med researchers: women are 2.5x as likely to be unmarried, 50% more likely to be childless & still ea ...

Jun 12, 2012

@tnyfrontrow i think they're a reminder that we're still pretty bad at measuring many of the mental attributes that matter.

Jun 09, 2012

My latest Head Case column on how power protects primates from the toxic effects of stress:

Jun 07, 2012

RT @katiebakes: Sitting at hotel bar watching bball and wonderin if the question "so, how'd you get so into sports?" has EVER been asked ...

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