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Facebook tests Snapchat-style camera special effects with Direct sharing — Facebook is overhauling its in-app camera to embrace the next era of augmented reality visual communication pioneered by Snapchat. The new features include Snapchat-style animated selfie masks, overlaid graphics, and geofilters; Prisma-esque fine art-themed style transfer filters and some innovative new "reactive" filters that respond to your body's movements.

Vine創業者、サービス停止の報を受け「会社は売っちゃいけない!」とツイート | TechCrunch Japan — Vineの創業者であるRus Yusupovが、Vineのシャットダウンについてごく短いツイートを行い、それに対して大量の反応が生じている。そのツイートとは「自分の会社は売るもんじゃない」(Don't sell your company!)というものだ。TechCrunchが取材を申し込むまで、YusupovもVineのサービス停止を知らなかったそうだ。 ...

Vine stars react to #RIPVine — Broken hearts, blind rage, and calls to follow them on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. That's how Vine stars are coping with the news that Twitter will shut down the Vine app in the coming months. At least since Twitter will let people download their Vines, most of the content should wind up on its competitors.

Founder’s comment on Vine shutting down? “Don’t sell your company!” — Vine founder Rus Yusupov threw a ton of shade at Twitter with a tiny little tweet in reaction to the company saying Vine will be shut down soon: "Don't sell your company!" TechCrunch has learned that Yusupov didn't know about the impending death of Vine until we contacted him this morning.

Facebook launches augmented reality selfie “masks” for Live video — Copying Snapchat and capitalizing on the acquisition of MSQRD, today Facebook finally integrated augmented reality selfie lenses it calls "Masks" into its main app. Starting with some Halloween-themed skeleton, witch, and pumpkin masks, Facebook users in the US, UK, and New Zealand can now use the special effects when they go Live.

Twitter finally stops counting usernames against reply character limits — Beyond140 is coming to fruition with the removal of one of the most annoying laws of Twitter. Some iOS users are now part of a test group that no longer sees a recipients' usernames appear or count against the 140 character limit when they post replies. This leaves more room for actual discussion.

Everything announced at Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Surface event — Microsoft held a special event today in New York, where it detailed the upcoming Creator's Update for Windows 10, and launched new hardware including the Surface Studio all-in-one PC. There was big news in everything from VR, to Microsoft Paint (yes Paint) and gaming, including integration of recent acquisition and Startup Battlefield alum Beam.

Facebook demos prototype of fine art-themed Live video filters like Van Gogh — If you liked Prisma, you're going to enjoy what Facebook's cooking up. Today on stage at WSJDLive, Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox demoed an unlaunched prototype of Live video filters that make your footage look like it was painted by a famous fine artist like Vincent Van Gogh.

Pandora’s latest quarter disappoints investors — In what has become a very competitive landscape for digital music, early pioneer Pandora is trying to remain a leader. The company reported third quarter earnings after the bell on Tuesday. Pandora has seen its revenue grow to $351.9 million, up by 13% from the same period last year.

The startup redemption of Famous — "It might shock you, but I let go of pretty much everybody. When we went from 34 employees to 4, everyone was sh*tting Twinkies. Everyone was scared to death." For Steve Newcomb, the founder and CEO of Famous, "pivot" is not a strong enough word.
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Oct 28, 2016

Fb is testing creative tools in camera, Insta, & Messenger. Good way to see what sticks, but fragmented & redundant 

Oct 28, 2016

Seeing Fb's camera features as purely to "fight snapchat" discounts that under 15% of Fb users, 2% of the world use Snapchat. Plenty of room

Oct 28, 2016

Fb embraces visual communication with Snapchat and Prisma-style special efffects, ephemeral messages  tip @techmeme

Oct 27, 2016

@dtrinh yep, love my 7 foot anker cords and 6way charger, only off-brand that does seem to work

Oct 27, 2016

RT @gaberivera: "And this is gonna save us all a lot of hassle, you with getting your notebooks fixed, us with having to fix them."😢

Oct 27, 2016

@dtrinh I consistently find off-brand charging cables charge at a fraction of the speed

Oct 27, 2016

I hate the cords on dongles that make them unnecessarily long. Just give me a tiny adapter that fits over the plug.

Oct 27, 2016

Lol, Viners no longer worried about getting kicked off. App could devolve into chaos 

Oct 27, 2016

Vine made it feel like anyone could be a creator, even someone with an annoying voice like me. #RIPVine 

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