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Washington, D.C.
Director, Shared News Initiatives — McClatchy Newspapers
Covers:  newspapers, social media, television, journalism

Now: Shared News Director @McClatchy. Then: @Poynter, @WRAL, @UNC, @BarnardCollege, @fwparker. Always: Bookish, Jewish, Mom.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

I learned to type in 6th grade journalism class & that year got a blue Smith-Corona for my bday. Used typewriters 'til grad school.

Who's your favorite fictional journalist?

Danny Concannon.

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

By email, with specifics about what our audience will learn from the story & why they need this information.

Toronto Sun misspells ‘correction’ in correction note

poynter.org — So, the Sun misspelled correction today in a correction. Not sure how you correct that. ow.ly/i/1dSvA - Steve Ladurantaye (@sladurantaye) December 9, 2012 Julie Moos ( jmoos@poynter.org) has been Director of Poynter Online and Poynter Publications since 2009.

Fort Myers Club Blu nightclub shooting leaves 2 dead, others injured

Dallas Police Chief David Brown quotes Stevie Wonder in memorial for slain officers

pics.mcclatchyinteractive.com — Dallas Police Chief David Brown honored the five slain law enforcement officers at an interfaith memorial service today with a personal anecdote that led into the lyrics of Steve Wonder's song "As."

Questions over Romenesko’s attributions spur changes in writing, editing

poynter.org — Poynter.org works hard to meet the highest standards of journalism excellence, and I learned late Wednesday that we have not consistently met those standards. A centerpiece of our editorial work has been the Romenesko blog, which invented a form of aggregation that is widely and deservedly respected. It is also imperfect.

Post ombud received just 11 emails about Herman Cain coverage

poynter.org — The Washington Post Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton gets about 80 emails when he or the Post writes about Rick Perry or Ron Paul. The tally of emails about Herman Cain coverage last week: 11. Two readers complained, naturally, that the only reason The Post was reporting on the [Cain sexual harassment] allegations was to take down another Republican.

Video & highlights: Poynter symposium on journalism ethics in the digital age

poynter.org — Poynter convened a symposium in New York Tuesday at the Paley Center for Media, in partnership with craigconnnects, the Web-based initiative created by Craig Newmark. The event -- which featured John Paton, Clay Shirky, Eric Deggans, Ann Friedman, Gilad Lotan, Vadim Lavrusik, danah boyd and more -- was live streamed; you can now view the videos below.

Roger Ailes tells journalism students: ‘I think you ought to change your major’

poynter.org — News14 | Daily Tar Heel The Fox News Chairman and CEO spoke to about 350 people, including young journalists, Thursday as part of a special lecture series at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He started by telling them to change majors, which, Melody Butts reports, "elicited at least a few eye rolls."

Front pages in NY feature historic passage of same-sex marriage law

poynter.org — Late Friday night, the New York State Senate passed by 33 to 29 a bill that gives same-sex partners the right to marry. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law almost 90 minutes later, at 11:55 p.m. Thirty days from its passage, same-sex couples can apply for a marriage license.

Times-Picayune features layoffs on front page, Alabama papers minimize ‘job status’

poynter.org — When Advance Publications announced late last month that it would be reducing staff and printing at four newspapers, that news was featured as prominently as possible on the front pages in affected communities, with headlines that trumpeted " Exciting changes for our readers" and "Newspaper to move focus to digital."

25 election front pages let pictures speak louder with words

poynter.org — Photography dominated most of today's front pages, with very few words announcing President Obama's re-election. Several of the papers below illustrate the power of a single word. A few papers (shown at bottom) chose to combine images of Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, his GOP opponent.
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Aug 12, 2016

It will be very hard to say goodbye today to data intern @huffakingit So I'll just say: Stay peachy! https://t.co/C8rdz5fXzA

Jul 29, 2016

Sandy Hook opens new elementary school, four years after mass shooting in Newtown killed 26  http://ow.ly/NmW7302JArF  https://t.co/UQIhpYSz3B

Jul 29, 2016

@CrazyaboutCats @ron_fournier It's great writing, whatever one feels about the candidates. Rhythm reminds me of kids fave "Click Clack Moo."

Jul 29, 2016

RT @UpshotNYT: Hamilton ticket prices are beginning to fall. We tracked the scalping bots behind the rise.  http://nyti.ms/2aDlb6W  https://t.co/288gVFI4lZ

Jul 29, 2016

"Hillary Clinton likes to wear low-heeled shoes to a butt-kicking."  http://ow.ly/Kgzo302JvrM  "Click, clack, click." Love this, @ron_fournier

Jul 29, 2016

I predict debate over this framing of their marriage & her career, followed by a revision:  http://ow.ly/ITTv302J287  https://t.co/7Fvx7qklHd

Jul 28, 2016

RT @mattmansfield: PSA: The first Clinton-Trump debate is set for Sept. 26 at Hofstra University.

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