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Ward’s testimony outlined astonishing, everyday misconduct: “The Gun Trace Task Force wasn’t a unit that went rogue,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Leo Wise told jurors. “It was a unit of officers who had already gone rogue.” 
Filed for print, with a new anecdote about the officers recording themselves opening a safe - after they'd already broken it open and stolen $100,000 
This is just the first of four officers who will testify during this trial, and he hasnt even been cross-examined yet
So on one of the calls, Jenkins heard the man talking to another woman. Jenkins, Ward said, had an officer with good handwriting write up a note purporting to be from the other woman saying she was pregnant, and dropped it in the wife's front door /3
The man said he was going to hire a good lawyer and try to go after them. Jenkins learned that the man's wife was handling things for him on the outside, and he wanted to extract her so he'd have to hire a public defender and plead out, Ward said /2
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