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Keller @ Large: Cautionary Tale For Conscientious Parents

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Every devoted parent right now knows it's true - you have the power to control the behavior in your home by establishing and enforcing rules and a culture. If only some of our most prominent institutions could learn the same fundamental lesson.

Keller @ Large: Scott Brown’s Reputation Takes A Beating

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - How would you like to be Scott Brown today? Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros claims Brown was one of many male co-workers and bosses who harassed her on the job at the network, part of a culture she describes as "a Playboy-mansion like cult."

Keller @ Large: I Don’t Like Conspiracy Theories

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - I enjoyed my stint sitting in for Dan Rea Monday night - except for a couple of callers promoting conspiracy theories. Skepticism - and maybe a touch of tightly-regulated paranoia once in awhile - are not necessarily bad things. Sometimes people do conspire, or even lie to us, believe it or not.

Keller @ Large: Boston Big Winner Of Rio Olympics

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Let's start with the good news about the just-completed summer Olympic games. As usual, the athletes themselves provided many inspirational moments. Especially impressive - American gymnasts Simone Biles and Needham's own Aly Raisman, for their medal-winning skill and athleticism and their personal charm and grace.

NightSide - Eye On Politics

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) Republican analyst Charley Manning and Democratic strategist Michael Goldman are in studio to weigh in on everything going on with the presidential race. Guest Host John Keller fills in for Dan Rea. Originally broadcast August 22nd, 2016.

Keller @ Large: Talk Radio Has Been More Depressing Than Inspirational

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Tonight at 8pm, I'll be sitting in on "Nightside" on WBZ Newsradio 1030 while Dan Rea enjoys some time off. Dan does a great job of balancing sharp opinion with civil discourse, and it should come as no surprise that WBZ listeners and callers are noticeably brighter and better-informed than what you may hear elsewhere; after all, isn't your curious mind the reason you're listening to WBZ in the first place?

Keller @ Large: Suffolk DA Disappointed In Boston Police Union Handling Of Body Cameras

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley says he's "disappointed" in how the Boston Police union leadership has handled the body camera pilot program. One hundred Boston police officers will take part when the program starts September 1. But none volunteered for it, so the 100 were randomly chosen and forced to join.

Keller @ Large: Gawker Gave Journalism A Bad Name

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - We in the news media are always quick to demand accountability from others, as we should be. When politicians violate basic ethical standards, we expose them. When police officers abuse their power, we denounce them. When businesses exploit their customers or employees, we howl for action.

Keller @ Large: Ryan Lochte - World-Class Negative Role Model

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Pick your cliché about irresponsible behavior by young people - boys will be boys, youth is wasted on the young, and so on. You know the old joke: how do you tell if your teenager is lying? His lips are moving.

Keller @ Large: Curt Schilling Is Clueless About Politics

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Here's the good news about Curt Schilling. He is one of the all-time great Red Sox, justly admired for his gutsy performance in the famous bloody sock game in 2004. And he was an excellent analyst on Sunday Night Baseball until his online behavior got him canned by ESPN.
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