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Keller @ Large: How You Can Change The Subject

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - I can't remember which cable TV channel I heard it on the other night after the debate, but it was one of those panels of talking-head surrogates. You know, the campaign groupies they put on there to spout partisan talking points, as if this is of any use or interest to the viewer?

Keller @ Large: For Donald Trump, It’s All About The Family Brand

Keller @ Large: Mission Partly Accomplished For Trump

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Going into Thursday night's final presidential debate, Donald Trump's campaign was in big trouble. His rambling, ranting performance in the first debate once Hillary Clinton's needling knocked him off his issues triggered hemhorraging in his poll numbers, exacerbated by his eagerness to waste time and energy on sideshows like the weight of an old Miss Universe.

Keller @ Large: Who Had The Better Debate?

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Before the third and final presidential debate Thursday night, I offered up three ideas about what each candidate had to do to maximize their bounce out of the encounter. So let's review whether or not they followed my wise advice.

Keller @ Large: Skeptical About Curt Schilling’s Chances

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - In politics, you never say never. If nothing else, Donald Trump has taught us that much. Still, color me skeptical about Curt Schilling's chances of beating Elizabeth Warren in a potential 2018 U.S. Senate race. It's not that Warren isn't vulnerable, at least in theory.

Keller @ Large: Melania Trump’s Tepid Defense Of Donald

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - For months, the Donald Trump campaign has tried with limited success to remind us all about the Bill Clinton sex scandals of the 1990's. Watching Melania Trump's interview on CNN Monday night, I was reminded of Bill and Hillary Clinton's infamous "60 Minutes"interview in the run-up to the 1992 New Hampshire primary, and the comparison isn't flattering.

Keller @ Large: Let’s End Our Addiction To Awards

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Let's face it, we are an award-obsessed society. On the national level, there are awards for everything, close to 50 award shows for the TV and movie industries alone, along with countless sports awards.

Keller @ Large: Voters, Do Your Homework

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - In a campaign filled with lazy thinking and dumb statements, the laziest, dumbest thing I've heard is that "the media" is trying to rig the election. I hear people say this quite a bit, and while I try not to be rude, I do sometimes ask them a simple question: what do you mean by "the media"?

Keller @ Large: Body Language Expert On Clinton And Trump

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - The third and final presidential debate will be held Wednesday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What does their body language say about the candidates? Non-verbal communication expert Don Khoury has his take from the second debate.

Keller @ Large: My Nobel Prize Recommendations

boston.cbslocal.com — BOSTON (CBS) - Congratulations to Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, I guess. He is a great songwriter, although his work reads more like poetry than literature. And now that this precedent has been set, there's the predictable avalanche of advocacy for other accomplished songwriters, like Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen to get their turn.
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