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Writer. Library addict. Past bylines include @mic, @Vocativ, @AJEnglish, @Jerusalem_Post & @Salon.

International journalist and multimedia specialist, with a wide range of experience in media and publishing. Able to work on own initiative and with others as part of a team. Proven leadership skills include managing and collaborating with teams in both newspaper design and investigative reporting. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards in writing, researching, media production and editing. My work has been published in Spanish, Italian, English, Hebrew and Arabic ...

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From cursing Trump to body-positive charms: Here's how witches use emojis to cast spells

mic.com — To most people, the following tweet might look like a simple string of emojis: Some witches on Tumblr, however, would see the above as a mystical witch's spell, replete with magical powers. The full meaning of each image is only truly known to the witch herself.

7 heinous things white male athletes get away with in the United States all the time

mic.com — Y white men routinely get away with all kinds of crimes, including, but not limited to, sexual violence against women. Yet few young white men who commit sexual assault ever face consequences for their actions.

The future of feminist porn? Virtual reality made by women, for women

mic.com — Porn actress Ava Mir-Ausziehen is wearing a lacy black bra. She's sprawled across the bed while performer Lance Hart goes down on her. The two are starring in the VR film Empowering Ava , the story of viewers have the option to focus on her reaction to her own mounting pleasure, or to zoom out to ogle Hart's muscular rear end.

This anti-slut shaming speech by a 15-year-old Australian student is going crazy viral

mic.com — A 15-year-old student named Faith Sobotker just delivered an epic speech about slut shaming after her high school, Kambrya College, forced students to attend a sexist assembly chiding young women for taking "sexy selfies." Australian newspaper The Age reported that the school assembly warned female students not to wear makeup or to send "sexy selfies."

Indian wrestler Sakshi Malik becomes a feminist icon

mic.com — Oler Sakshi Malik, 23, hails from Haryana, a region of India made infamous in recent years for several highly publicized rape cases and garnering one of the nation's highest rates of femicide, the practice of selectively aborting female fetuses and killing or abandoning baby girls.

Italian swimmer Rachele Bruni dedicates Olympic silver medal to her girlfriend

mic.com — There's nothing more romantic than showing your , and Italian swimmer Rachele Bruni just schooled us all about how to do so without being cheesy. After wining a silver medal at the 10km marathon at the Olympic games in Rio, Bruni dedicated the victory to her beloved girlfriend Diletta Faina, The Daily Dot reported.

High School Athlete Nicholas Fifield Was Charged with Raping a Mentally Handicapped Girl

mic.com — Iowa high school student Nicholas Fifield, 18, has been charged of third-degree sex abuse of a woman who suffers "from a mental defect or incapacity, which precludes giving consent," according to the If convicted of sex abuse, Fifield could face years of jail time. But many are outraged for its coverage of the trial.

Woman Confronts Man Who Masturbated on Subway - And Her Fierce Statement Is Going Viral

mic.com — They say New Yorkers are tough. But even by big city standards, nobody is as fierce as Deanna Carter, a woman who recently busted out her phone and confronted a man who tried to masturbate in front of her on the subway. "Rubbing your dick? What the fuck are you doing?"

Artist Danya McLeod Turned Her Uterus Into a Concert Hall to Make an Empowering Point

mic.com — Women's reproductive organs have incredible capabilities. But did you know they can also serve as a badass speaker system? Canadian doctoral student and performance artist Danya McLeod, 44, is now staging immersive concerts in her uterus, a project that she calls the Uterine , which she hopes will subvert preconceptions about women's bodies.

This Gym Banned Menstruating Women From the Pool for Fear of "Contamination"

mic.com — Women are often made to feel like their periods are gross or disgusting. But this upscale gym in Tbilisi, Georgia takes period-shaming to a whole new level. When a woman named Sophie Tabatadze joined a gym in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, she was shocked to find that the upscale facility had banned menstruating women from using the pool.
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