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Creative Director--Executive Editor, Content Labs, kbs+. Former Ad Age writer and editor.

Will Disney Have The Guts To Kill Off THIS Lead Character In ‘Rogue One?’ — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first spin-off film in the Star Wars universe. A formal criminal, Jyn Erso is recruited by Mon Mothma who realizes the necessary skill sets that Jyn possesses. Mothma trusts that she has the tools to help the Rebel Alliance steal the Death Star plans from the Empire.

Ant-Man Was Once #TeamIronMan in ‘Captain America: Civil War!’ How This Could Have Turned The Tide Of War. — This year’s Captain America: Civil War was a massive success with audiences, with some claiming it’s one of the very best this Marvel Cinematic Universe had to offer. The film had a lot of heart to a story that certainly felt Captain America based.

Pokémon Who Could Help Our Armed Forces When Needed — Here’s an idea. People have always thought how Pokémon could exist in the real world and what their purpose could be. We’ve seen a glimpse of this in the original television show in the episode titled “Here Comes the Squirtle Squad,” where Squirtles and Wartortles are trained by the fire department to help put out fires after they helped with a large fire.

7 Best Visual Shots From The Official ‘Rogue One’ Trailer — "Imperial flags reign across the galaxy." -Saw Gerrera The much anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer has finally arrived. Debuting during the Olympics, the trailer has made its way online and continues to be one of the hottest trailers on the internet.

Kylo Ren Reacts To The ‘Rogue One’ Trailer And It’s Hilarious! — By now, everyone knows who Kylo Ren is. Either you were spoiled going in to seeing The Force Awakens or it was revealed to you in the film. Kylo Ren is of course the lost son of Han and Leia named Ben Solo who was seduced by the darkside thanks to Supreme Leader Snoke.

5 Reasons You MUST See ‘Suicide Squad!’ — After one of the biggest controversial superhero films that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC has since followed up with a fun, engaging, and energetic film. Directed by David Ayer (Fury/End of Watch), Suicide Squad tells the story of a ragtag team of villains who must work together to take down a threat who's keen on destroying the world.

The Latest ‘Pokémon Go’ Update Makes It Harder For Players To Catch Pokémon — The phrase "Gotta catch 'em all" just became more difficult. The trend of Pokémon Go has continued to grow even while some fans aren't completely satisfied with most of the recent updates.

5 Ways ‘Rogue One’ Will Change Our Perception On ‘A New Hope’ — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is less than six months away and with that comes the anticipation of yet another Star Wars film. This film will be much different than previous films as this is the first solo Star Wars movie that isn't a part of an episodic trilogy.

5 Myths of Content Marketing Debunked — Content marketing is hot. It's got buzz. It's got venture funding. And it's got the attention of more and more brands, with bigger and bigger budgets. But like anything with real heat, it's gotten a bit distorted. For a few years now, kbs+ has been investing heavily in content, hiring journalists and building out editorial programs for our clients.

'Mad Men' Recap: Cosmic Disturbance — Plus: See a Bunch of Real Burger Chef Commercials On February 5, 1969, ABC premiered a show that was so reviled so fast that it was never seen again. The Cleveland affiliate pulled the plug after the first commercial break and the West Coast didn't air it at all.
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