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Blind Faith — There's a moment you know is coming, but that never ceases to take you by surprise. It's that moment when you pass beyond the last suburban streetlamp's pool of illumination. For an instant, you are flying blind until your eyes' accommodation reflex adjusts to the light of the beam of your bar-mounted torch.

The Wanderer: in praise of the randonnée — The modern sportive has deep roots. The tradition of a long-distance event that was not a race, but which had a mass start and would be timed, is one we owe in large part to the randonnée. When I say mass start, I mean about 40 misfits meeting up at daybreak in a village hall that wasn't marked on the map.

Bicycle cleaning: the moral debate — Cyclo-cross has induced this bad habit in me: I half-think it's okay to clean any bike with a high-pressure hose and then squirt some cheap lube here and there. I know better, of course.

Getting to cycle the New York marathon — I was supposed to be running in this year's New York Marathon, but injury brought my training to a shuddering halt. To say I was disappointed to have to pull out (even if the many people in my position do get to defer their entry to next year) is typically-English understatement, so when the opportunity arose to ride the 26.2-mile runner's course on my bike on race day, I jumped at it.

Pro-ness | Rouleur | Journal — We've all got a story like this. I'm out with our usual Tuesday training group doing laps of the park. It's just after 6am, and only just light, but it's springtime in New York City and the park loop is amply filled with local club and recreational riders all doing their morning thing.

Can baking improve mental health? — They say baking soothes the soul. How can it not? There is something so reassuring about the ritual - quietly weighing out butter, sugar, flour, cracking eggs, whisking, beating and folding. "If you're feeling a little bit down, a bit of kneading helps," Mary Berry once said.

Substance | Rouleur | Journal — It was just one line buried in the tenth paragraph of a very minor story, but for me, it suddenly changed everything. The headline was that the Orica GreenEdge rider from South Africa, Daryl Impey, could return to racing because the UCI had waived its right to appeal against the earlier decision of the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAID) to permit the cyclist to return to competition.

Tips on how to cycle in snow — Snow, for many, is already here. And after I'm done writing this, I'm going to put the knobbliest tyres I have on my bike for this morning's commute. I've got used to riding with a big crowd of cyclists on my way to and from work, but I suspect that as it has snowed overnight in London, the rank and file of two-wheeled commuters will be thinned out substantially.

Own up, cyclists. Do you ever 'catch the bus'? — OK, disclaimer time: let me first make a "I make no apologies for this"-kind of apology. This blog is very much in the category of confession to a guilty secret. I'm not recommending this behaviour; I'm not saying it's clever or cool. But it is fun, and I'm definitely not the only one who thinks so.

Being Handy - Medium — In other respects, the jury is still out, but in this I am certain I have failed utterly as a parent: I have not transmitted to my children, now young adults, any of what I consider for myself to be the practical essentials for living.
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Oct 24, 2016

@Ryu32 I know, that's sad — it was a self-reinvented survivor from the old GLC days of workers' coops. Anyway, thanks for kind comments!

Oct 24, 2016

@OwenJones84 Just heartbreaking: I worry about the long-term effect on all those keen new joiners. As 80s kid, wilderness years are no fun!

Oct 24, 2016

RT @AriBerman: Tom Hayden beaten by white segregationists during voter registration drive in McComb, MS in 1961. He had great comm…

Oct 24, 2016

RT @RichardEvans36: Just back from Frankfurt, where all the spare office space is being bought up by London-based banks in preparation for…

Oct 20, 2016

@andypowers or in my case, a passive-aggressive spam filter ;-)

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