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Is DeChambeau's win with single-length irons "the day the game changed"? - Golf Digest — As personally significant as Bryson DeChambeau's win in Sunday's DAP Championship in the Tour Finals was for his status as a card-carrying member of the PGA Tour for the 2016-17 season, it might also have greater implications for his theories on equipment and how they might change the game: The 22-year-old's win is believed to be the first time any player in PGA Tour history has won a tournament using a set of irons all the same length.

Little kid shows off great golf swing, even better course etiquette - Golf Digest — The internet is filled with adorable videos of youngsters playing golf. Just last week we pointed out one in which a toddler worked on his swing with every household item imaginable. But this one might just be our favorite of the bunch because of its instructional value.

Is the oldest club in America celebrating its 130th birthday today? - Golf Digest — The Dorset Field Club in southern Vermont was a nine-hole course that became a full 18 the year I shipped off to college, 2000, which I thought was especially poor timing. Growing up my family belonged, and I knew it as the place that made the incredible demand everyone wear a collared shirt.

We ranked all the FedEx Cup champion bobbleheads, because it only seemed right - Golf Digest — In honor of the FedEx Cup turning 10 this year, the company has come out with a collection of bobbleheads commemorating the first nine winners of the PGA Tour's Playoffs. There are eight bobbleheads total (they didn't make two different Tiger Woods ones for his wins in 2007 and 2009) and as a whole, it's a pretty cool set.

If you're looking at Patrick Reed's feet, you're missing the best part of his swing - Golf Digest — Most people who see Patrick Reed swing immediately see that he moves his feet much differently than most PGA Tour players. When he swings the driver, the five-time tour winner dances his left foot back from the target line through impact -- a quirk that makes him easy to recognize from two fairways away.

Greens of dreams: Man journeys across America to review miniature golf courses - Golf Digest — You've heard about people trekking across the United States to visit every stadium in baseball or all of the country's national parks. But Dan Caprera has molded that concept into an endeavor that can only be described as a mission from the golf gods: review each state's best putt-putt course.

Davis Love III's use of statistics as Ryder Cup captain could be golf's version of "Moneyball" - Golf Digest — In a dark conference room at the midtown Manhattan Hilton, U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love III admitted he didn't realize "until this past weekend" that he had nearly a month longer than Europe to finalize the members of his team.

We're not quite sure what to make of this Pat Perez music video — Despite season-ending shoulder surgery in March, Pat Perez has been keeping himself busy. There's been a lot of physical rehab, some practice, and one over-the-top music video. On Thursday, "Irons Aren't Metal" was released, and, well, we're not quite sure what to make of it.

Fitness Friday: Six simple ways to avoid Zika (and mosquito bites in general) — Health officials announced on Thursday they might have found the first case of Zika in the United States that wasn't the result of foreign travel or sexual transmission. In other words, the disease might now be spreading locally in the U.S.

Wounded Warrior excited -- and ready -- to take on the celebrities in Lake Tahoe — LAKE TAHOE -- Celebrity golf is all about transporting confident people out of their element. Of all the rookies at this year's American Century Championship, it's possible the person most prepared to handle the unfamiliar pressure of a gallery is not an all-star athlete or Hollywood entertainer, but a marine.
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Sep 16, 2016

As a former resident/passholder, I knew it was a matter of time until EGBGC lit up @AlexMyers3 police blotter. 

Sep 16, 2016

"What's hard is identifying the line between stalker and enthusiastic fan" Our Undercover Pro is an LPGA player. 

Sep 15, 2016

Excellent post by @AlexMyers3 on football announcer Kevin Harlan. Golf fans often miss these moments. 

Sep 14, 2016

@Vosh68 Done! Extend your NYC stay next time and we'll go play.

Sep 14, 2016

Thanks to Mizuno designer @Vosh68 for stopping 1WTC to show new product line. Always learn a ton from you guys.

Sep 12, 2016

@PatCCraig same land. New holes superimposed on top of old.

Sep 12, 2016

Is the oldest golf club in America celebrating its 130th birthday today? 

Aug 29, 2016

Could Captain Davis Love III @Love3d use Shotlink to optimize the perfect alternate-shot partners? 

Aug 29, 2016

@GeoffShac @AlexMyers3 @RyderCupUSA You can get even a little deeper with alternate-shot symbiosis.

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