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Berkeley, CA
Publisher — Reading The Pictures
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Dedicated to the daily analysis of news photos and media images. The official feed of Reading The Pictures. (Formerly BagNewsNotes.)

Michael Shaw is a Clinical Psychologist, an analyst of news photos and visual journalism, and a frequent lecturer and writer on visual politics and media literacy. His research has dealt with creative process visual thinking and how metaphors can lead to psychological insight. The founder and publisher of BagNewsNotes, the site is closely followed by the political and visual media, the photojournalism community and university visual studies and communications programs ...

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What was your first job as a journalist?

Same as the one I have now. Publisher of BagNewsNotes.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Certainly. For years.

How is social media changing news?

How isn't it? Picture-wise, the photo has come into its own as a stand-alone communication vehicle and editorial entity.

Girl Power, Sexism and that Viral Hillary Millennial Selfie Swarm - Reading The Pictures

On That Riot Cop/Bus Photo After Police Kill Black Man in Charlotte - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — September 22, 2016 There has already been a flood of protest coverage from North Carolina and Oklahoma over the two most recent police killings of black citizens, particularly the death of Keith Lamont Scott in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Charlotte.

The Hillary Optics With Seven Weeks to Go - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — September 19, 2016 From NYT slideshow: On the Trail: Week of Sept. 11 Over and over, what the visual media is reflecting lately, whether true or fair or largely a hardwired media meme, is Clinton as inscrutable, as opaque, as not connecting.

What’s Already Incredible about the African-American History Museum - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — September 15, 2016 Do you know what's already incredible about the Smithsonian's African-American History Museum? The history is not even history. From Carlos and Smith to Kaepernick, amidst countless other cultural examples, the dynamic of this museum, relative to the ongoing struggles in American over African-American civil rights, is already poignant to observe.

Photoville '16 Salon: The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — With all the disaffection and "unconventionality" surrounding Election '16, many media organizations have been working with photographers who are either newer to the campaign trail or have taken a more unusual visual approach. Given the campaign atmosphere, Instagram has also been a key venue for this more interesting view.

What’s Not Deplorable About “Deplorable Lives Matter" - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — OK, Trump supporters are sporting the deplorable phrase out of spite. But, what about the truth underlying all defensive gestures?

Clinton “Healthers” Infect the Visual Newswire, Cough! Cough! - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — Most of the time, it's hard to say for certain how partisan attacks and the politics of destruction effect the visual news. In the case of malignant rumors about Hillary Clinton's health, however, recent events have proved the exception.

Memory, Poetry and Politics: Thoughtful Views from Instagram on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11 - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — In recent anniversary years, we've been interested in new, or unpublished photos of 9/11 to help us remember, process and mourn. Last year, we published a unique photo of boys on bicycles at Ground Zero. The year before that, we offered this evocative photo from Williamsburg.

It’s Not Just a Photo, it’s a Story — The Italian Earthquake, and What News Photos Can Do Today - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — August 29, 2016 The landscape of news photography is constantly changing. One of the ways that's happening is that more single-frame news photos are actually telling stories. Just like a good written story creates those little movies in our heads. Of course, most news photographs exist to illustrate the words.

Everywhere is Fashion - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — September 5, 2016 I guess I wasn't thinking of a lion's mane. One thing this award winning, and wildly gorgeous picture illustrates is how much the different categories of photography are flowing together. The caption (below) makes it clear this is nature photography but as soon as you saw it, did you also think of human hair in incredibly fanciful layers?
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Sep 30, 2016

If you need a visual.... Imagining #Trump in the Oval at Gerry Ford museum #OgleOffice @GettyImages https://t.co/5MOOo4vw5d

Sep 29, 2016

Is it us? lighting? or is #Tiananmen "replacement" #Mao look little less sphinx-like? Via @Reuters Editor's Choice https://t.co/0XDHTiSTNz https://t.co/sfN7Fv7elB

Sep 29, 2016

As Pepe named hate symbol by @ADL_National, message at NH #Trump NH rally beyond words 📷@hollybdc https://t.co/jkgpsPDjEO

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