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Publisher — Reading The Pictures
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Dedicated to the daily analysis of news photos and media images. The official feed of Reading The Pictures. (Formerly BagNewsNotes.)

Michael Shaw is a Clinical Psychologist, an analyst of news photos and visual journalism, and a frequent lecturer and writer on visual politics and media literacy. His research has dealt with creative process visual thinking and how metaphors can lead to psychological insight. The founder and publisher of BagNewsNotes, the site is closely followed by the political and visual media, the photojournalism community and university visual studies and communications programs ...

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What was your first job as a journalist?

Same as the one I have now. Publisher of BagNewsNotes.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Certainly. For years.

How is social media changing news?

How isn't it? Picture-wise, the photo has come into its own as a stand-alone communication vehicle and editorial entity.

Footnotes to History: Reading the Thankfully Final Clinton/Trump Debate - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 20, 2016 It's no surprise political and media Twitter, in the half-hour or so before the debate, was so chock full of kittens and puppies. Facing an exercise nobody could feel good about, it's how the platform self-soothes.

Not Your Father’s Black Panthers: On Election '16 and the Youngs - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 19, 2016 Besides urging you to read Ruddy Roye's insightful backstory to his Instagram photo, I have a couple of thoughts to add. Yes, America is laden with issues, but the perception of the country as broken or "on the critical list" has been too easily manipulated in this U.S.

On Trump and the Rally Mob Terrorizing Journalists: An RTP Editorial - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 17, 2016 We've never been known to hold back our opinion at Reading the Pictures. Still, this might be the first time we've published something like a real editorial. There are a tragic number of things to be acidly critical of Donald Trump about in terms of undermining the obviously imperfect democratic process.

7 photos that capture the absurdity of this election season

cjr.org — The 2016 presidential campaign has inspired a visual backlash to business as usual, targetingthe typical posturing, rituals, and coronations. From early on in the election cycle, staff photographers and freelancers have been challenging the campaign process at every turn, especially on Instagram and Twitter.

A Few Photos for Anyone Asking: How Could Women Still Support Him? - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 14, 2016 Election '16 was already historic for its divisiveness. Now, with all the charges of untoward advances and sexual assault piling up against Donald Trump, it's seems this campaign is badly in need of psychologists and sociologists.

Hillary as Nothing Without Donald: More Visual Debate Fallout - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 12, 2016 In tone and language, the way Donald Trump personally accused and threatened Hillary Clinton in last week's debate was quite chilling. In terms of body language, the way he wagged his finger at her, rolled his eyes, and physically shadowed her while she addressed the citizens on stage might have shaken any other opponent.

Clinton - Trump II: From Our Debate Tweet Storm - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 10, 2016 Sometimes taking screenshots is also a way to protect yourself from something terribly painful. Here's what caught our eye during the second Clinton - Trump debate, an ugly political spectacle we hope we never witness again. About right. Our politics now a concussion sport.

Trump, a Girl and a Big Purple Hat: Our Twitter/Instagram Favs - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 6, 2016 In our social media round up this week, our eyes were mostly on the presidential race. Throughout the campaign, AP photographer Evan Vucci has been keen and fearless in his Trump coverage on Instagram. If this girl has no clue about Trump's eternal profit motive, Vucci sure does.

On David Butow's "Trump Country, Michigan" - Reading The Pictures

News Photos of Police Violence Protests: More Profiling of Black Males - Reading The Pictures

readingthepictures.org — October 3, 2016 From Ferguson to Baltimore, Baton Rouge to Charlotte, and so many points in between, citizens have consumed a steady stream of dramatic protest photos. (All the pictures in this post, by the way, come from the recent protests in Charlotte over the killing of Keith Lamont Scott.)
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Oct 20, 2016

No surprise Twitter, just before, was chock full of kittens & puppies. Reading the final Clinton/Trump #debate: https://t.co/NjMqLOE4gf https://t.co/elgBpflXS1

Oct 20, 2016

What it captures, underneath the bravado and in spite of the hoopla, is how this man is so utterly alone. @Robyn_Beck @gettyimages https://t.co/WjwVtbP2fV

Oct 20, 2016

Smart shot of Ivanka looking over her shoulder. Visual metaphor as campaign not only teeters, but Dad endangers the brand. @somogettynews https://t.co/VCsZtpk0iA

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