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Have long thought that the term "gun control" is bad political framing; implies a desire for the Govt. to use "controlling" mechanisms (i.e., criminal law) to ensure ubiquitous safety. "Violence prevention" -- which can include, but is not limited to, gun regulation -- is better.
Graham was also an unrepentant liar, posturing publicly as an oblivious bystander with no political commitments and no objectives other than to Serve The Lord, while privately engaging in advocacy on behalf of his favored politicians such as Nixon. Please spare us the hagiography
Graham proclaimed in 1949 that the Apocalypse would occur within 5 years. While this did not come to pass, it didn't stop Graham from using End Times paranoia to solicit donations for the rest of his career, enriching himself and his family in the process
@winonariot Nope. Today's the best day to attack him.
In 1971, Billy Graham wrote a NY Times op-ed in defense of Lt. William Calley, likening the My Lai massacre to any old sin we as fallen humans might commit, such as "a thoughtless word, an arrogant act or a selfish deed"
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