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Kenneth Branagh on Brexit, battling the blues, the last time he cried - and his biggest film flop (that cost Hollywood $45million) — As an actor, director, theatre manager, you might argue that Kenneth Branagh is in the business of emotionally moving people. But what, you might wonder, moves Branagh himself? In the offices of the rehearsal studio where he is preparing for a new production of John Osborne's play The Entertainer, Branagh gives the question some thought.

Woodstock Festival: Where did the peace and love go? — Forty-seven years on, Mick Brown reveals how the hippie dream peddled by the Woodstock Festival was doomed to fail. It is perhaps ironic that the artist who, for many, most defines the Woodstock Festival was not actually there.

‘We’re not supposed to live forever’ — It was once said of Don DeLillo that he was a writer with an "ostentatiously gloomy view of American society". He disagrees, although he acknowledges that his work has seldom offered "comfort". Provocation, pleasure in the play of language and ideas - yes. But comfort, no.

The BFG actor Mark Rylance on Marlon Brando, the Oscars, meeting his wife on-set - and why he REALLY snubbed Steven Spielberg — As anybody who watched him playing the role of Thomas Cromwell, chief minister to Henry VIII, in the BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall will know, Mark Rylance has an extraordinary way with silence. The pause, the almost imperceptible shifts in facial expression that seemed to contain an infinity of possible thoughts, meanings and interpretations.

Usain Bolt on doping and marriage: 'Girls are throwing themselves at you... it's hard to say no' — By Mick Brown, Friday 15th July 2016 The track - although you could hardly call it that -where, as a young pupil at the Waldensia Primary School, Usain Bolt first stretched his legs as a runner is a ragged and bumpy patch of grass, a step away from the single-track road leading to the village of Sherwood Content.

The last Nazi Hunter, Efraim Zuroff: 'People call me "Mr Holocaust." You need a sense of humour to do this job' — On a sunny morning in May, in the week of Yom HaShoah, the day on which Israel observes the remembrance of the Holocaust, Efraim Zuroff, the man known as 'the last Nazi hunter', was sitting in his office in Jerusalem, lamenting the fact that he was 'all of a sudden one of the most in-demand people in Israel'.

Don DeLillo: 'If science makes life after death possible, we have to follow it' — "I certainly think it goes against nature. We're not supposed to live forever. But again, this is the arrogant thrust of technology - why do we have to die? And if the science exists that enables us to pursue life extension in a serious way, we have to follow it."

Muhammad Ali funeral: A fitting interfaith service for The Greatest — The superlatives had been exhausted. A legend. An inspiration. The fastest. The prettiest. And as he tirelessly, and playfully, pronounced until the bitter end, the Greatest. All that remained was for Muhammad Ali to be laid to rest.

Muhammad Ali funeral: the last tributes to The Greatest — Muhammad Ali's life will be celebrated with a traditional Islamic prayer service after thousands of tickets were snapped up for the boxing great's funeral on Friday. The world begins two final days of mourning for the star on Thursday, when he will be honored with a Muslim funeral a day before receiving a final goodbye with an interfaith service.

Art collector and philanthropist Marion Lambert was quite simply the most extraordinary woman I have ever met — The death of someone we loved causes us to grieve. The death of someone we admired to feel sadness. But the the death of someone we knew only fleetingly can ambush us, quite suddenly, with a feeling of deep shock.
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Aug 24, 2016

RT @sturdyAlex: Everyone gather in the study where I will reveal the answer to #traingate. Having reviewed all the evidence...

Aug 23, 2016

RT @intlspectator: Venezuela, 2016. GDP growth: -8% Inflation: 720% Fiscal deficit: 17% of GDP Interest rate: 21% Reserves: $1 billion

Aug 20, 2016

@DerrenBrown Thanks Derren. Great to meet you and really enjoyed the conversation

Aug 18, 2016

@charlieparrish I love your generous spirit, Charlie, but I fear the Spuds won't be so generous! 2-0 to you guys.

Aug 18, 2016

@charlieparrish no Charlie, safest prediction ever is you'll massacre us this weekend!

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