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Here's the 2015 piece, which I think has a lot of good points on how it was firms in the $200 to $600 billion dollar range that had a giant crisis impact. I agree, but that makes me far more worried about Crapo, more than the alarm bell coverage gets at.  https://www.politico.com/agenda/story/2015/05/sanders-dont-break-up-the-big-banks-000054 
.@MikeGrunwald 2015: Risk, not size! Bernie Sanders shouldn't focus on breaking up the big banks, it's medium-sized banks that were the real problem. 2018: Why are people worried about Crapo? It just impacts medium-sized banks.  https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/03/17/behind-the-dodd-frank-freakout-217645  https://t.co/guAHMG2fbf
@ddayen @MikeGrunwald If you are going to do this article, it's useful to talk about the executive context. "This bill leaves FSOC untouched!" Congrats! Also Trump has stopped FSOC from doing anything, and Trump successfully killing Metlife case means Geithner's vision for FSOC is dead.
RT @cascamike: this @MikeGrunwald line nails the democratic divide right now on wall street. if you think it's important to "satis… https://t.co/iYQtjuTpfO
@ddayen My favorite is when @MikeGrunwald describes the HDMA measures to get any public data on subprime mortgages, the lack of which contributed directly to to the bubble and foreclosure crisis, "as unrelated to financial stability." Foam the runways, indeed. https://t.co/BVQhWVeG15
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