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Putin accepts nomination for Russian presidential run — Vladimir Putin has agreed to run for the presidency of Russia again in a move that could see him lead the country until 2024. In what could be the ulimate political job swap, his United Russia party also approved his proposal that the current president Dmitry Medvedev will take over Putin's role as prime minister.

The Big Winner Of Brexit Is Vladimir Putin — As the globe begins to adjust to a post-Brexit world order, let it be clear that, aside from the British politicians who staked their careers on a Leave vote, there is one winner to emerge from the chaos about to engulf Europe: Vladimir Putin.

Where the unibrow reigns — DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - If you search for "unibrow," Google will return about 200,000 results, the bulk of them devoted to tips on removing what in the West has become synonymous with unattractiveness. There's even a medical term, synophrys, meaning an overgrowth and fusion of the eyebrows.

Feminist punk band Pussy Riot take revolt to the Kremlin — Eight women stood in a line opposite the Kremlin, neon balaclavas hiding their faces, fists pounding the air in rugged defiance. Before police carted them off, the members of Pussy Riot managed to shout their way through a minute-long punk anthem: "Revolt in Russia - the charisma of protest / Revolt in Russia, Putin's got scared!"

Pussy Riot trial: closing statement denounces Putin's 'totalitarian system' — Three members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot said Vladimir Putin's Russia was the one on trial as they delivered closing arguments on Wednesday in a case seen as a key test of the powerful president's desire to crackdown on dissent.

Lady Gaga upsets Russian conservatives with gay support message — Lady Gaga is the latest artist to offend the sensibilities of Russian conservatives after the pop star spoke out for gay rights at a weekend concert in St Petersburg. Vitaly Milonov, a conservative MP who authored a controversial law banning "homosexual propaganda" in Russia's cultural capital, said he would ask prosecutors to investigate Lady Gaga for breaking the law.

Pussy Riot: 'Things have changed, but our desire to protest remains' — One year ago, Yekaterina Samutsevich was riding a euphoric high. Moscow had exploded in an unexpected storm of protest, as tens of thousands took to the streets to show their anger at Vladimir Putin's upcoming return to the presidency.


So Pussy Riot Is Actually A Band Now — Be humble, learn to obey, don't worry about material stuff Be loyal to those in power, cause power is a gift from God, son I love Russia I'm a patriot Live like a saint with holy simplicity Don't eat too much, be humble when you shop And soon you'll be all set, First a deputy, then a district attorney, Joined the communist party, Made friends with the oligarchs I'm a patriot Straight out of Khabarovsk And I choose to do business here, not in Europe, where they got gay people, But in mother Russia, where I live.

The Leader Of Chechnya Is Pissed At Instagram For Deleting His Threatening Video — "Dear friends! I always speak and write my opinion honestly and openly. But all it took was for me to say a few words about the chained dogs of the USA, and they deleted the post from Instagram. There's that much-vaunted U.S.-style freedom of expression!
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Jul 23, 2016

RT @Bencjacobs: Donald Trump says the EU was created "to beat the United States"

Jul 23, 2016

New game: Name the last male presidential candidate praised for being a "grown-up." 

Jul 23, 2016

RT @sheeraf: So the DNC mocked my story about their bad cybersecurity in an email just leaked on Wikileaks... and scene. 

Jul 22, 2016

Another great thing that happened today was Russian intelligence using @wikileaks as their vessel in prob the most obvious way yet.

Jul 22, 2016

Spent the morning discussing the political ambitions of neo-Nazis and the afternoon dissecting an attack on a European city. 2016.

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