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Professional Gobshite, now with added book amzn.to/29DzlVE

The week in radio: The Global Election; #WhoisNeil; Rich Hall’s (US Election) Breakdown

theguardian.com — The Global Election | Monocle#WhoisNeil | SoundCloudRich Hall's (US Election) Breakdown (Radio 4) | iPlayer Aside from "liking" anti-Trump memes, putting thumbs up by Michelle Obama's righteous feminism vids and worrying about Hillary's dubious past, what else can we do? We can't vote. But we can listen to people who know more than us.

My dad wrote a porno - and I turned it into a podcast

theguardian.com — In a packed theatre in the basement beneath the Observer's offices, I am watching a live sex show. Well, a live show about sex. It's not that raunchy, to be honest. On stage, three friends - Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine - sit on comfy chairs.

The week in radio: Digital Human; Planet Money; Recode Decode; Codebreaker; Today

theguardian.com — Digital Human (Radio 4) | iPlayerPlanet Money: When Women Stopped Coding | NPRRecode Decode | recode.net Codebreaker | marketplace.org Tuesday was Ada Lovelace Day. This is a relatively new official day to celebrate the achievements of women in Stem subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), and especially computer science: Lovelace worked with Charles Babbage to create and program the first ever general-purpose computer.

The week in radio: Body Count Rising; Britain’s Black Past; Victoria Pendleton Meets Anna Meares and more

theguardian.com — Body Count Rising (Radio 4) | iPlayerBritain's Black Presence (Radio 4) | iPlayerVictoria Pendleton Meets Anna Meares (5 Live) | iPlayerSound Frontiers: Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman (Radio 3) | iPlayer Actor Doon Mackichan has made a powerful and eloquent documentary about how women are portrayed in current crime drama, ie raped, or subject to violence, or dead.

The week in radio: In the Dark

theguardian.com — I don't like to mention the S word any more when it comes to podcasts - S meaning Serial (series 1) - as we've all moved on now, haven't we? We're happy living in our post-S world. It's interesting to note its influence, though.

Keeping on Keeping on by Alan Bennett review - temperate but never tame

theguardian.com — Seven hundred or so pages containing 10 years of a diary, two scripts, also essays, eulogies, lectures... You could call this book a bumper bonanza bargain, except it's the work of Alan Bennett, so such over-the-top adjectives feel inappropriate. Bennett's reputation is for wryness, modesty, pointed but unshowy observation.

The week in radio: 5 Live review - like a whole new station

theguardian.com — Radio 5 Live has brought in three new presenters - well, one of them isn't exactly new - and blimey, it's like a whole new (not exactly new) station. Last week, Nihal Arthanayake started as one half of the presenting team on Afternoon Edition, partnering Sarah Brett.

The week in radio: The Waterside Ape; Oliver Burkeman Is Busy; The Anatomy of Rest - review

theguardian.com — The Waterside Ape (Radio 4) | iPlayerOliver Burkeman Is Busy (Radio 4) | iPlayerThe Anatomy of Rest (Radio 4) | iPlayer You can dump your Great British Bake Off in a rusty cake tin and shove it in an unlit gas oven. You can have Top Gear presented by the Naked Rambler and Rizzle Kicks.

The week in radio: The Archers

theguardian.com — The Archers (Radio 4) | iPlayer There is really only one audio story this week: the trial of Helen Titchener. Sit down, dear listener, for there will be wobbling. Even sporadic Ambridge visitors, like me, have been gripped, flipped and twisted. Rollercoastered.

The week in radio: Things Called Jazz That Are Not Jazz; The Briefing Room; The Matter of the North - review

theguardian.com — Things Called Jazz That Are Not Jazz (Radio 4) | iPlayerThe Briefing Room: Jesse Morton: The Jihadi Who Changed His Mind (Radio 4) | iPlayerThe Matter of the North (Radio 4) | iPlayer Next week (tomorrow!) is Back To Reality.
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Oct 27, 2016

RT @FergusonBen: Groups of children sleeping on the street next to #Calais 'jungle', watched over by volunteers who provided sleepin…

Oct 27, 2016

RT @emmagannon: New episode(!) of my podcast with @msmirandasawyer, author of Out Of Time. We talk about life, age & midlife crises…

Oct 27, 2016

@THORPEPARK what is the point of buying advance tickets and fast track when you have to queue for over an hour to pick them up? It's a joke

Oct 26, 2016

RT @reelmolesworth: somewot disapointed that BAKE ORF did not end with everbode dying in a hale of laserbeams like its proud predecesor BAKE'S 7 #GBBOFinal

Oct 26, 2016

@StigAbell Final tweet (I'm meant to be writing a column) here is Culture Show i/vw I did with him  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li2KugL-3Q4 . I'LL SHUT UP NOW

Oct 26, 2016

@StigAbell ... nuts obviously, but when I told him I'd done it, he visibly relaxed. He likes obsessive nutters. Not a surprise, I know

Oct 26, 2016

@StigAbell Before I interviewed him the first time, I went round LA to all the MDP places e.g. where they found the body etc etc. Which was

Oct 26, 2016

@StigAbell Honestly, I like em all. Even the early ones, which are before he finds his voice. I love noir and he is the best.

Oct 26, 2016

@StigAbell American Tabloid and My Dark Places. I've interviewed him, twice. He is mad but he is a DON

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