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Editor-in-chief, @PacificStand. IALJS officer. IMSA & Northwestern/Medill alum. Prev. Outside, Atlantic, Atlas Obscura, Slate, Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Castle Frankenstein — Johann Konrad Dippel was rumored to create potions, perform electrical therapies, and partake in gruesome experiments involving stolen body parts from the graveyard. Born in the Castle Frankenstein in 1673, it's disputed whether or not he was the inspiration for Mary Shelley's mad scientist of the same name, who did some cadaver experiments of his own.

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland — Maison d'Ailleurs, or the "House of Elsewhere," revolves around extraordinary journeys-of the mind, at least. It is a museum of science fiction, utopias, and other futurist writings. The museum has had an intense history since its creation in 1976.

Fordlândia - Aveiro, Brazil — During the 1920s Henry Ford was benefiting from a major boom in the automobile industry. His company was selling thousands upon thousands of cars and needed massive amounts of rubber to make tires. Unfortunately, rubber manufacturers in East Asia were running a virtual monopoly that drove up the price of raw materials.

Pullman Historic District — Built in 1880 on 4,000 acres of land outside of the Chicago city limits, Pullman, Illinois, was the first industrial planned community in the United States. George Pullman, of the Pullman (railroad) Car Company, built the south residential portion of the company town first, which contained 531 houses, some of which stand today more or less as they did originally.

Letter From the Editor: Our Fragile Food System – Pacific Standard — By Nicholas Jackson When my job gets a bit overwhelming - usually when we're shipping an issue, like the one before you - I have a ritual. I trek out to the end of the wharf not far from our offices in California, and I enjoy a couple of beers and a rock crab.

‘Pacific Standard,’ September/October 2016 – Pacific Standard — To get Pacific Standard in print or digital formats, subscribe now . Sidebar: A Brief History of Fake Meat FEATURES Sidebar: The Beef With Beef In recent years, a number of studies have revealed the massive impact of the livestock industry, and a growing list of scientists and activists have called for a movement away from beef.

Pando, the Trembling Giant — In the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, a giant has lived quietly for the past 80,000 years. The Trembling Giant, or Pando, is a enormous grove of quaking aspens that takes the "forest as a single organism" metaphor and literalizes it: the grove really is a single organism.

Menchum, Cameroon — "I could not speak. I became unconscious. I could not open my mouth because then I smelled something terrible ... I heard my daughter snoring in a terrible way, very abnormal.... When crossing to my daughter's bed ... I collapsed and fell ... I wanted to speak, my breath would not come out....

Rosslyn Metro Escalator — According to Dante Alighieri, past the wall of flames after the 7th terrace of Purgatory, there is an immense stone staircase leading to the Earthly Paradise so big that Dante and his companions are forced to spend the night sleeping on it. The street escalator in the Rosslyn Metro Station leads to a D.C.

Munich Airport: A five-star experience — 21 July 2016 * Author(s): Rainer Beeck, Senior Vice-President of Commercial Activities, Munich Airport Offering numerous conference facilities, a passenger experience that is second-to-none, indulgent retail and culinary options and even a state-of-the-art medical services clinic, Munich Airport really is the definition of a modern airport city.
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Oct 22, 2016

This is weird for me. First time my weak edit connections are making government in-roads. First met Rick 6 yrs ago. 

Oct 21, 2016

I didn't see this coming. Wouldn't have shared so enthusiastically yesterday. Guess this is where we're still at. 

Oct 21, 2016

@Lollardfish No, no, thank you. This is the kind of story that's so important to all of us here. It's important and uplifting. Push forward.

Oct 21, 2016

And pick up the new issue of @PacificStand on 10/27. Our first @Lollardfish print piece, on disability issues and your Election Day vote.

Oct 21, 2016

I think there's a larger framework to be built here. There's a network that supports smart, small non-profits. If you have ideas, get at me.

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