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Silicon Valley Questions the Meaning of Life

vanityfair.com — In Silicon Valley, over the past year, one of the most talked-about advances in technology hasn't been the latest Apple Watch, DJI's fancy drones, or Uber's impressive driverless cars. Instead, the Valley has been consumed by the question of whether our entire existence as human beings is actually a computer algorithm, and that we-all of us-are living in a simulation.

Elizabeth Holmes’ Surrender, Snapchat’s I.P.O., and Why Twitter Could Be Doomed

vanityfair.com — Maya Kosoff : Welcome back to another segment of Valley Talk! There's much to discuss, so let's just start with the elephant in the room (or the small silhouette of a blue bird, as it were). Twitter is suddenly up for sale, but what's not immediately clear is who is really buying.

Silicon Valley’s Most Disturbing Obsession

vanityfair.com — 'At the moment, I'm completely absorbed with end-of-year projects at school," the e-mail read. It was 2012, and I was working on an article about an innovative new app that was being used by a handful of high-school students in Los Angeles.

The Two Best Pieces of Advice David Carr Ever Gave Me - MediaShift

mediashift.org — This remembrance of David Carr first appeared on Medium and is used here with permission. Over the last decade David Carr poured buckets of advice on me. He counseled me through my first and second book. Helped me find a hidden path in The New York Times to become a columnist.

What the Twitter Sale Reveals About Twitter, Itself

vanityfair.com — The first real offer for Twitter came in 2007, when Yahoo tried to buy the nascent social network for a then-whopping $12 million. In 2008, on the eve of that year's presidential election, Mark Zuckerberg upped the ante by offering a few hundred million for the company that he would later refer to as a "clown car that drove into a gold mine and fell in."

How I Got to the Bottom of the Theranos Mess

vanityfair.com — Years ago, when I first started working for The New York Times, I went through the usual hazing ritual for new hires. This didn't involve keg stands or streaking through the newsroom.

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eepurl.com — DVN'S FAVORITE READ: How Elizabeth Holmes' House of Cards Came Tumbling Down| Nick Bilton's riveting reconstruct of the fall from grace of Elizabeth Holmes's secrecy-obsessed biotech start-up, Theranos, trains the well-deserved spotlight on The Wall Street Journal's indefatigable health-care reporter John Carreyrou.

On the Fall of Theranos, the Rise of Google’s Burrito Drones, and Apple’s Confounding New Headphones

vanityfair.com — Welcome back to another segment of Valley Talk! O.K., first things first: we have to talk about Theranos. It's been almost a year since John Carreyrou broke his now-famous initial story about Theranos, shattering a lot of unchallenged assertions about the success of the company's technology.

How Elizabeth Holmes' House of Cards Collapsed | RealClearPolitics

Exclusive: How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down

vanityfair.com — In a searing investigation into the once lauded biotech start-up Theranos, Nick Bilton discovers that its precocious founder defied medical experts-even her own chief scientist-about the veracity of its now discredited blood-testing technology.
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Oct 25, 2016

Being an undecided voter still is like a waiter saying one dish will give you food poising, the other won't, and you can't make your mind up

Oct 24, 2016

RT @TVTEDDY: Police have arrested a man dressed as tree for blocking traffic on Congress Street...as God is my witness. https://t.co/VUFQY6Vyv0

Oct 21, 2016

Gonna fly to CNN headquarters so I can fix the BREAKING NEWS button that I'm sure has been stuck in the ON position for a decade.

Oct 21, 2016

@fmanjoo @MikeIsaac I imagine this has been you two in the newsroom today while Twitter was offline. https://t.co/vlpga3mNMq

Oct 20, 2016

'Donald Trump is a poor person's idea of what it's like to be a rich person' — Fran Lebowitz

Oct 19, 2016

Trump 30 minutes ago: "No one respects women more than I do." Trump now: "She's such a nasty woman."

Oct 19, 2016

"You're two minutes are up and I have no idea what the fuck you just said."

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