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How to Make A Budget-And Stick To It — A whopping 68 percent of U.S. households don't have a monthly budget, so I'm guessing that might include you. I know: Budgeting sounds like the least fun exercise ever, but it's super-important. Making a plan for how you'll deploy your money helps you create the life you want-cute shoes, vacations, and all.

3 Hot Finance Trends You Should Avoid — I take looking out for you ladies very seriously, but let's be honest: You know yourself best. It might feel easy-smart, even-to pay a professional to handle your money matters. In some cases that's true, but no one else can or should be as invested in your financial health as you.

Planning for Death - Estate Planning Tips — I bet i know what you're thinking: Aren't financial tasks already dreary enough? Do you really have to talk about death, too? Well, #sorrynotsorry. You do-because the financial realities of losing a loved one are just too important. Many of us try to avoid end-of-life subjects until, frankly, it's too late.

Do You Have Chronic Fatigue? The Real Reason You Have No Energy — Sportscaster Jenn Brown discusses how drinking shakes helped her lose weight after her first pregnancy. Plus, Dr. Oz explains what to look for in shakes to keep your body satiated.

7 Ways to Spot Unwanted Charges on Your Credit Card — Spot honest mistakes -- and signs of credit card fraud -- with these easy tips. We talk a lot about monitoring your spending for your wallet's sake -- but it's a security thing, too. Sometimes, errors happen by accident: the store clerk entered the wrong amount before swiping your card, for example.

3 Ways to Save Money on Monthly Bills — Negotiation is one of the best financial skills you can have. Trust me, I've haggled my way out of some tight spots. When I set out to start my business, for example, I was between health plans and got a stomach virus that sent me to the ER.

How to Save Money This Summer — W hen i turned 30, I made a list of 30 fun things I wanted to do that year, and while-okay-I'm 32 now, I recently crossed off one of the best items on the list: skydiving. It was terrifying, exhilarating, and expensive-to the tune of $300.

Relaxation Tips For The Workaholic In You — I'm all about hustling your buns off all day at work, but when you leave the office (even if it's a home office), you need to let yourself decompress. Many women view their homes as second jobs: housework, bills to pay, and a dog to walk, oh my!

Why I Started IVF Treatment — I'm 31. I want to be a mom one day. This is my insurance policy. ​ I'm 31 years old and I'm freezing my eggs. When I first seriously considered doing this, I could barely say that sentence out loud because I was partly in denial and partly in shock that I was even in a position to think about it.

Weight Loss Retreats You'll Never Want to Leave — While we're sure you meant well when you set that New Year's resolution to lose weight-and actually stick to it this time-research shows most people ditch their goals by the end of February. But we say it's time to recommit, what with warm weather on the horizon and swimsuits getting pulled out of the closet.
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